Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 05

Chapter 05 – A

The sob of two girls echoed the dimly lit hallway of the Eternia Hospital. Orica was weeping in my arms while I wiped the tears falling down my cheeks.
How did it come to this?
About an hour ago, my sister and I were sitting on the couch in our living room, watching ‘The Dummy Company’. Lynus was also there, accompanying us while we sisters waited for our parents to return home from work. All of the sudden, my cell phone rang and the caller on the other side – a staff from the hospital – asked me to come to the Eternia Hospital as soon as possible. My face was as pale as snow when I explained the situation to Lynus. The three of us quickly got onto his car and hurried to the hospital as fast as we could. He dropped us in front of the hospital as he went to look for a parking lot. My sister and I rushed upstairs to the ICU. But it was too late…

Footsteps could be heard from the other side of the silent white hallway. The blonde young man ran towards our direction with a worried face.
“…How…How are they…?” the young man asked worriedly.
“…They’re gone…,” I replied, trying my best not to sob.
“Damn!” he pounded the wall nearby, gritting his teeth.
“Sis…,” Orica cried, “Wh…What are we going to do now…? Mom’s gone. Dad’s gone…”
“I wish I know…,” I replied.

“Oh…Both of you are Mr. and Mrs. Remil’s daughters, aren’t you?” the doctor approached us.
“Yes, we are,” I replied.
“We did our best. We’re sorry,” he bowed to us, “…It was a miracle they are still breathing when both of you came. In a fatal crash like that, they shouldn’t have survived this long.”
“It’s okay, doctor. We understand,” I bowed back to him.
“We’re sorry we couldn’t do anything more. We will keep the patients with us for tonight. Please go home and take some rest,” said the doctor, “We’ll talk again tomorrow.”

My mind is so blank and puzzled right now.
What do I do from here?
I asked myself the same question as my eyes cast out of Lynus’s car window to the highway lights in the middle of the night.
“…Is that so? Great. Thanks, Lex,” Lynus hung up the call and put his phone down onto the console, “That truck driver was caught. Lex’s father is a chief officer so he knew some insights. They said the driver was on drugs or something and couldn’t drive properly. I’ll personally make sure this guy gets what he deserves.”

While it is only just that he gets punished severely, what’s the point in that?
My parents aren’t coming back even if that man was executed. They are gone forever.

“I’ll take care of everything from here. The funeral, the hospital bills, contracting relatives – everything,” Lynus said, trying to reassure me when I did not make any replies.
“…Then what about after that…?” I asked.
“…My parents are gone, Lynus. What do I do from now? What about our condominium’s rent…? Our lives?”
“…Let’s do it step by step,” said the blonde man, “I’ll contract your closest relative. Then we’ll start from there.”
“But Lynus…That’s…”
“It’s okay, Auria. I’ll take care of you. Everything will be all right.”

“Everything will be all right…” 

I open my eyes and found myself sitting in a small car, parked at a travelers’ checkpoint. The convenient store in the checkpoint area is just about the only light source that allows me to vaguely see anything in the car. Everything else around us is covered in darkness. Miki is still on the driver’s seat to my right, looking out of the windows. After we got onto her car, she drove us through the highways out of Eternia. She said we have to get out of the town as fast as possible in case those men in black suits are still patrolling the town. Then we can rest when we got to the traveler’s checkpoint. Maybe it was because I saw the view of the highway before I fell asleep, that’s why I had that dream.

“…You’re not sleeping?” I asked out of concern.
“I could ask you the same,” she replied, “I had mine during the day before I went to your place. I knew it’s going to be a long night so I got my share of rest.”
“Is that so…?” I muttered.
“What about you? Not going to sleep any more?”
“Well, I already had my sleep. I even dreamt.”
“Good for you. Was it a good dream or a nightmare?”
I pause, thinking about my dream. Can I really consider it a nightmare? While it was painful to see the night my parents died again, it also reminded me of that warmth Lynus gave me – The assurance that ‘everything will be all right’.
“…I’m…not so sure,” I said.
“Whatever it is, don’t dwell in your dream for too long,” she said, “On this road we travel, there is no guarantee you won’t wake up from a sweet dream to see a nightmare.”
“…Hey…Let’s not jinx—-.”
“I’m not jinxing. I’m stating a fact,” she interrupted, “I can’t remember the last time I had a relaxing sleep. Those men will not stop until we fall into their hands. They are just that persistent.”
“Well, in that case, why don’t you take a nap? I’ll stay—-.”
“Hmph. What can a crybaby like you do?”
I hushed.
“You still have no idea what you can do with your powers, don’t you? What could you possibly do if we were attacked?”
“W…Well. If anything happen, I’ll give you a holler—.”
“And I’ll be half-awake while those men are fully focused,” she interrupted me again, “I’ll get my rest when I am a little more confident about my safety. And that is not while we are in the middle of the road like this. You worry about yourself.”

I’ve confronted my true feelings about this regard a long time ago. But now, I am even more certain of it – I hate not being able to do anything by myself. Ever since the incident with Aunt Kelly, I told myself I will not be fully dependent on someone else – at least not until I’ve already tried what I can.
I don’t want to become a woman like her – a woman who does nothing but entice other people for their money. I don’t want Lynus’s family or anyone to get the vibe that I am living on his money.
I want to be able to stand on my two feet. I want to be able to take care of myself and everyone important to me.
It is a tough path, but I’ve always believed that as long as I have the determination, I can keep on going forward no matter what happens.

I will not give up so easily.

“…Well then…can you tell me how to discover my powers?”
“Come again…?” Miki turned to me, raising her eyebrow.
“Before you could use your powers like earlier, there must be a time when you don’t know how to use your powers too, right? How did you discover the method to use your powers?”
“Hmph. You’re weird,” Miki snickered and crossed her arms, “This power is a curse, bound to take everything away from you. And you still want to learn how to use it?”
“As long as we are traveling together on this road, I don’t want you to get the vibe that I am a liability. If I really have those magical powers like yours, at least tell me how to defend myself with it.”
“You really are very serious with stuffs, aren’t you?” Miki chuckled.
I don’t know if that was supposed to be a tease, but I don’t care. I am not going back to sleep unless she tells me how I can manifest my powers.

“Well … there is no need to hurry. Those bastards need to go through several capability test on your sister before she can becomes an experimental subject. I’ll teach you tomorrow morning. Not only you need a fresh mind, but you also need a well rested body if you want to be able to control the powers within you well,” Miki sighed as if surrendering to my persistence.
“Don’t be having the wrong idea now,” Miki added, “Like you said. I don’t want to have the vibe that I’m having a liability. That’s why I agreed to teach you.”
“Don’t worry. I hate being a liability and powerless. I won’t disappoint you.”
“I wonder about that,” she chuckled and looked out of the window again.
Right now, I am a little too lazy to argue with her any more. As long as she agrees to teach me how to manifest my powers, I’m fine with it. For now, I’ll just get all the rest I can so I will be ready for my lecture tomorrow.



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  3. Geez!!! Why is Miki so sarcastic with her remark? Owning the power of zodiac angel is a curse? So why is she using it then?

    • She doesn’t want the power. Because of it, she was hunted down by Nebula Corp.
      And well, it’s only three chapters since she appeared. Let’s give her more chance to show her true personality xD

  4. I wonder what Lynus doing right now. If Lynus realizes Auria hasn’t been attending school lately, would he had go look for her? Hope we get to see from Lynus perspective.

    • We won’t really get to see the story from his perspective (at least I haven’t planned on writing any chapters from his perspective yet), but we’ll get to see him again in the future.

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