Orange Cake!!!!

The long sought orange cake…

Warning! This post is going to be super random, lol.

The other day, I came across this cake being displayed on the store. As my eyes caught it, my nostalgic childhood flashed right before my eyes. My mom used to buy a big pound of orange cake for me on my 5th birthday. I remember it tasting really good and ever since then, orange cakes have been my favorite, even though I don’t even like orange fruits or juices in general.

It’s been a while since I last have cakes made from orange. How long? Well, I’m not so sure, but it was so long that my younger sister already forgot that orange cake is my favorite cake. Anyway, back to the store I mentioned earlier. After seeing the cake on display, I said ‘I need to have that cake’. I got back home and told mom with a serious face, “Mom. I want orange cakes.”
She laughed and recalled how long it has been since I last had that cake. After discussing about it, we made a decision to go have that cake together this Saturday. Yesterday, I just had the cake, and oh god, it tasted awesome. The sweet taste blends perfectly with the sourness of the orange. The cake itself is soft and fluffy, having over three layers, separated by orange jam.

This brings back so much memories. *nostalgic tears*

Oh, and in case you guys are wondering why the heck didn’t I get the cake myself…well…the reason is…it’s almost the end of the month…and…um….

Okay, I was broke. That was the reason .______.||||


25 thoughts on “Orange Cake!!!!

  1. That sounds like a contradiction. You love orange cake but dislike oranges or juice? Wait, is the cake even made of real orange?

  2. same comment:
    Now you’ve become one of those people who “has to take pictures of what you are going to eat” ._.?
    At least it’s good you don’t have to take every food picture with you at the right angle ._.” (refer to เดี่ยว)

    • same reply:
      I don’t normally take pictures of what I eat ._.
      When I did, it’s mostly because it’s something I cooked and wanted to show. In this case, it was because I was telling everyone at every corner that I’m going to have this cake because I craved for it so much.

  3. While you enjoy your orange cake, here’s a fun fact. Thailand is ranked at a global rank of 58 in term of average surfing speed of 2.9

      • Well, statistically South Korea is ranked at a global rank of number 1 with the average surfing speed of 14.2 mbps. So you can do the comparison.

            • It doesn’t lag with normal internet
              it does lag sometimes when I play it but it’s because of my craptop and laggy internet >.>
              online games I play:
              12TailsOnline (Thai)
              Summoner Master (Thai) – company stopped doing it by online years ago
              ECO (Jap) – but they stopped their business here at thailand OTL
              Cabal Online
              Atlantica Online
              DEKARON Online
              some FPS from time to time (depends on who wants me to play with)

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