It’s OVER 9000!!!!!!

Well, it was a couple of days ago, but let’s make it official now, lol.

My blog has officially reached 9000 views all-time. So, my blog now has OVER 9000 views!!!!!! *crush scouter*
Too bad I couldn’t screen cap the moment it hit 9000 on time. But well, 9002 is close enough, lol.

In any case, thank you again for all of your kind feedback and support. Each of your comments mean a lot to me and they are what keep me going. I’ll see you again next time.


15 thoughts on “It’s OVER 9000!!!!!!

    • LOL, well, I would have done that if Sophia has sprites ._.
      She only has her in-game renders with different costumes, all of which I’ve already included in the SEEF club.
      Trust me, if I could hack my SO3 disc to take out Sophia’s render and make new posts for her, I would have already done that.

  1. Zephuros: Karen, what did the scouter says about Mad blog views?

    Karen: It’s OVER 9000!!!!

    Zephuros: WHAT?! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!

    Karen & Zephuros: Our blog views combined are no match for the almighty Mad!!!

    *It is meant as a joke, no offense to you 2.

    • Umm ._.”?
      actually I was thinking of Araragi Karen when you mentioned “Karen”
      and I’m not surprised ._.” I am/feel happy for MC because I know his fics are fun to read and that he has succeeded with these much viewer/readers
      p.s. I almost didn’t saw you there, until I saw my own name @_@”

  2. Thank god you screencap at 9002. It won’t really be “OVER 9000”, if you screencap at exactly 9000.

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