A Month of Projects Due

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Well, yes guys, it’s another ‘blog running dry’ announcement (and right after I made that post about record breaking. Oh joy…). With February starting, this only means one thing – I have two more weeks before my finals, and it’s not the finals I am afraid of this time. There are four or five subjects that require presentations and reports due within this two weeks span. After briefly scheduling and calculating the time I have, I’m pretty sure I have to be bringing my laptop to university and work on the reports every day like how I did my Business Research Methodology report last semester (read about those entries here, here, and here).

All upcoming posts in this week, such as new Battle Skill Entries and pictures, are all pre-scheduled. After that, there probably won’t be many activities for the next two weeks as I am rushing to get these projects and reports done on time (I got one picture sketched for a special occasion, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it on time). Luckily, even though my finals season starts right after, I got a couple of days off to read for the stuffs, so I should be able to return to make daily posts again after February 15 or so.

Oh god, I can’t wait for March 5. @___@

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I’ll see you again after I finish all of my reports. Mad_Cartoonist, out.


3 thoughts on “A Month of Projects Due

  1. Are you feeling stressful? Can’t believe you still have hectic loads of reports to write, and I thought you have finished your final as stated in your previous entries many time.

    • That was the previous semester >_<
      I'm not sure about other country, but each semester has their own final exams, contrary to their names, lol.
      This semester however, will be the 'true' final exam, since after this, I'll be graduating 😀

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