M_C’s List of 10 Characters he wants dead

So, we are done with the top 10 female characters, male characters, and villains. Let’s see the characters that I want them to die. This is not to be confused with villains, because I ‘like’ those villains. The villains on my top 10 list are awesome villains either because they did something awesome or because their background stories drew me to them.

These ten however are different. They are the epitome of evil. The malice given form. The spawn of Satan. These guys are the kind of guys that you just can’t wait to kick their asses right after seeing their faces. But on the contrary, I am not saying that these guys are poorly written characters  in anyway. Heck, you can even say they are so well created that they make people hate these guys so much.

Finally, because these guys are equally evil, the following list disregards any form of rankings.


This post will contain spoilers from a number of games / animes where these evil spawns are starred. Please proceed at your own risk.

Unhonorable Mentions

*Sachiko Shinozaki and the Heavenly Host Elementary (Corpse Party)

Sachiko is not in the list because, well…technically, she’s already dead. So she fits more in the “Characters M_C wants them double dead”.
Stupid jokes aside, Sachiko is evil. If you’ve played Corpse Party, you will definitely know what I meant. The Heavenly Host Elementary is no less evil too (and well, it’s not ‘alive’ in general sense in the first place). Aside from running into ghosts that can kill you, the school also makes you experience gradual death by driving you insane.

It also doesn’t help that Corpse Party has a habit of making you love a character and have the school brutally takes them away from you. Dammit.

*Aizen Sousuke (Bleach)

The problem with Aizen is that everything single damn thing went according to his freakin’ plan. Seriously, before Ichigo attains his inevitable plot hax power, Aizen always has that smug face and keeps telling everyone that everything went according to his plan. The Arrancar Arc was when I started saying “Unless this thing is killed by Ichigo, there’s a 90% chance that things will go wrong”.

Seymour (Final Fantasy X)

He kills his own father and uses his mother (which is his Aeon) against you. He massacres almost the whole tribe of the Ronso, keeps popping up in your way several times, and he sucks Yuna’s lips. Have I mentioned his cheap shot insta-kill on your Aeons?

The guy is evil, and the way he speaks only asks for a knuckle sandwich.

I consider myself lucky to not be a fan of Yuna. Otherwise, I’d probably hate this S.O.B. even more.

Master Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)

After being taken down, the old man just would not fall easily. He removes his heart from his body and injects it into Terra, whose heart was covered with rage and hatred. Thus, the Xehanort that we are more familiar with is born. He is essentially Master Xehanort who merged himself with Terra’s body. Just before he could have his way and leave, an unknown force stops him from proceeding.

Behind him is Terra’s armor, which is now moving on its own, driven by Terra’s rage and hatred. For those who’ve never played Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix before, the scene where Terra’s armor stood up probably meant nothing to you. But for those who did play Final Mix, I’m sure we all said the same thing when he picks up his Keyblade again.

“Sh*t just got real”

Bosch 1/64 (Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter)

Dragon Bosch – Resist normal damage unless hit by another dragon

When he joins your party, he was a pretty valuable asset and he does more damage than Ryu. However, a little way into the game, when he is no longer your ally, you definitely won’t like it when he stabs Ryu’s neck. The worst part was that he and Ryu are supposed to be friends. Yet for promotion purposes, he is ready to do anything, even killing his friend.

The guy won’t give up easily and got himself genetically modified. The second battle with him was even harder because he regenerates his health every single turn.

Fed up with him yet? Sorry. After his second defeat, the dragon Chetyre ‘chose’ him and he faces Ryu again at the terminal before the ‘sky’. This time, he has the power of a dragon and I heard he is nasty as heck. Oh me? Nah. He didn’t have a chance to hit me because I saved up my D-Counter and blew it all up on this guy. He’s just too annoying.

Janus (Wild ARMs 3)

Much like Bosch. This guy is ambitious and he wants himself to be known. The worst part is that he just won’t die easily and comes back to fight you so many times. After 3 or 4 battles with him, story takes place and he was given the ‘Dark Spear’, making him even more malicious and nastier.

Edna (Wild Arms XF)

The toad woman sits in the palace, hogging all the food and wealth, while all the men are out there fighting. She complains about every single thing yet she was always the first to run away. Have I mentioned how cruel she was to the little Katrina?

It’s even more frustrating when you found out that Weisheit stole the pleasure of finishing her off from you.

Rasso (Breath of Fire IV)

Where do I even start with this guy?

First, he bullies the innocent people. After which he follows Ryu and trolls him a couple of times. It gets really bad when he shot down Ershin. That was easily one of the sadder moments in my gaming career. The party went ‘That does it!’ when they realized that he tortured children just to force them to tell him Ryu’s whereabouts. He still won’t give up and summons a guardian to fight you.

Well…guess what dude. You messed with the wrong person.

In that battle, you cannot defeat his guardian because he has a shield. The only way you can take the guy down is let him kill Ryu (or you can be smart like me and speed up the process by hitting Ryu with your members). Once Ryu is dead, his dragon form will evolve and he will turn into a berserk Kaiser Dragon. Good bye, Rasso.

Cross (Radiata Stories)

Who doesn’t want this guy to die, seriously?

No matter which side you choose, this guy is never a good guy. At one point in the Human Path, Jack asks Cross what is his reason for fighting. The bastard was not ashamed to say that he fought for fame and recognition.

Not enough? Well then, try playing the Non-Human Path.

Oh god, you have no idea how good it felt when you get to beat him down and watch him die.

Luca Blight (Suikoden II)

This guy is evil. Seriously. He IS evil. It was so many years since I last played Suikoden 2, and I still remember how evil this bastard is. The most infamous scene is the ‘pig’ scene. He makes the villager, who is begging for her life, to act like a pig, telling her that he’ll let her go if she does. After going oink oink, she looks back at him only to be slashed to death. Oh god, my childhood.

Have I mentioned that when you actually get to fight the guy, he is also FREAKIN hard to beat? The game was pretty easy up until you meet this guy. You get to use 3 parties of 6 people (that makes it 18) to fight against him, and he has no trouble wiping them all out if he wants it. Story-wise, it takes the whole army to weaken him down enough for the protagonist to win against him in a one-on-one duel. And guess what, on my first time playing this game, I embarrassed myself by losing in the one-on-one duel.

Bourd Rade (Ar Tonelico / Cross Edge)

Bourd is an ambitious soldier. He raids Skuwat Village, and Aurica’s parents died in that incident. Yes, he was the one who creates a scar for my beloved Aurica. He stole Misha’s song and turned her into a kid (…actually, it’s more like stops her from growing, iirc). Just look at him.
Because of that, it felt extremely satisfying to beat him down in the middle of the story. I heard you get to fight him again in Misha’s path, because for some reason, he is not yet dead. Then again, I’ve never played Misha’s path before, so I’m not too sure about that.

Anyway, this spot however, is more dedicated for his Cross Edge incarnation. In Ar Tonelico, his mandatory battle was extremely easy and it makes him look pathetic (then again, almost nothing is hard in AT1). Cross Edge took advantage of that and gave him steroids. The guy freakin’ summons meteor. I don’t ever recall seeing him do that in Ar Tonelico (or maybe he does, but he died before he could do that). He spams his EX like no tomorrow, and he builds up his SP insanely. Once he hits his ¼ HP treshold, his ‘Deep Breath’ ability activates. At that point, your attack does only 25% of what you normally do. This virtually means that he gets his full health bar back.

The first time I fought this guy, I was like “Dammit! You’re not supposed to be THIS strong!!!!!”

Yuna (Breath of Fire IV)

This guy is the nasty bastard that creates the Carronade and shoots Fou-Lu with the soul of the girl who saved him. He is also the one who does inhumane experiment to Elina, Nina’s sister, and turns her into an abomination.

And you know what is the worst part? You never get to kill this S.O.B. During the ending sequence, he was seen laughing at how the Dragons are passing away, and he claims that he is going to continue his evil deeds as much as he likes. God, if Breath of Fire IV ever gets a remake, the first thing I want, more so than giving Ryu an ice dragon, is to be able to finish this guy off.

And that’s all folks. xD

Let me emphasize that these guys are only ‘evil’, and I don’t exactly ‘hate’ them as a character (I’m mostly neutral about these guys), but rather at how evil they are.

In case you might be wondering, no, I will not make a list of characters that I hate, because that will involve me attacking those characters, and I don’t want to publicly do that.

Like before, thanks again for visiting my blog, and I hope you guys enjoy reading this list. I’ll see you again next time. ^^


34 thoughts on “M_C’s List of 10 Characters he wants dead

  1. Really love breathe of fire IV ending. Goes to show that good guy doesn’t always gains the upper hand. Besides, they try to kill Yuna but he merely teleport away. He’s very smart and would never engage in battle directly.

    • Well, I wouldn’t mind that the villains’ plan succeeded or anything. But the thing is, him standing there and laughing kind of made it felt like the story wasn’t done. If the villain dies, but the world was half in ruins or the villain’s plan was successful indirectly, then that’d be okay cuz at least it shows that the cause of the mess is gone. But this one is different. He was still there, saying that he’ll do more evil inhumane stuffs. It’s okay if the villain wins, but the story has to feel complete.
      And that’s why he was in my list of characters that should die. XD

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