Short Announcement [Feb 11, 2013]

Argh. Still got so much work to do. Really hope I can get through this week without any trouble ._.

Once this week is over, I’ll officially be out of my presentation season and start with the finals. I’m not even worried about the books this time around. It’s the reports and presentations I’m worried about.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking hard about what should I do with Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival fan fiction. There are a few people who are still interested in it, and honestly speaking, I don’t like not finishing what I started. Since there’s a request that I at least put a proper closure to it, here’s an idea I came up with.

I’ve decided to write one of the last ‘wrong end’ for the fan fiction.

In case you’ve never heard, I originally planned on making ‘branching paths’ for the fan fiction aside from the main one, showing wrong ends for each character (this way, all characters will die at least once. Equality FTW). As for why I chose the wrong end I mentioned about writing, it’s because it’s one of the first wrong endings I had in mind when I thought about writing the fan fiction. And in my opinion, it feels a lot more Corpse Party-ish than the true ending I had in mind (which is a happy ending, obviously).

In any case, I’m working on the description as well as making the chapter as comprehensive about the whole story as possible. If all goes well, I should be able to get it done within this month.

But that’s not all. A few days ago, I talked to a couple of my friends about my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions as well as reread some part of it, and because of that, I felt like writing another action-fantasy horror. I mean, I had LOTS of fun writing the Fatal Frame Fan Fictions due to its ‘game’ aspect – to the point that I even thought of writing another original fiction in the future with using that formula. I am considering rewriting Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival with the same action-fantasy element if I ever get into rewriting it in the (far) future, as well as getting some old characters back (Hope you guys are not tired of Rokej and Sophia yet, lol).

Anyway, I’ll drop the future teaser right here. Don’t want to make too much promise I can’t keep again ^_^’’.

But for sure, I’ll be posting the final ‘Wrong End’ of the current Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival in the near future, so I hope you guys look forward to that.


20 thoughts on “Short Announcement [Feb 11, 2013]

    • Haha. I’ve literally tried writing all sorts of story, but I’m more experienced and prefer working with action fantasy, cuz that’s my favorite.
      And well, anyone can write anything, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be good. >_<

    • As in original story and not fan fiction?
      I tried to write a thriller murder story once. It failed miserably because all 6 of my friends could tell who the murderer was after reading 2 or 3 chapters .____.

      • 5 persons relate their terrifying story to mad cartoonist.

        Last week, they head to the abandoned house to play the daring game. A is supposed to stand outside while the remaining 4 stays in each corner of the dark hallway.

        The rule is that A is supposed to enter the dark house and pass the candle to B without looking at each other. Then count to 10 before standing at where B is, while B is already passing to C. This step is repeated until everyone complete 1 lap.

        Unfortunately, A is afraid of the dark and ask B she wants to chicken out. B agrees and asks A to wait outside while he continues the candle passing game.

        When the game ends, the rest is surprised that A doesn’t take part in the game as it is impossible to finish the game with 4 persons. Here is the layout: (http : / / tinypic . com / r / vijsba / 6) *put the lines together

        They think that house is haunted but mad cartoonist simply laugh and says it is no ghosts and one of them is a culprit. So, mad. Can you guess?

        • Uh…I don’t get it. So A passed the candle to B and waited outside instead of standing where B is. Assuming the game ends with E passing the candle to the spot A stands instead of B, then that spot was supposed to be blank.
          My question is, what am I supposed to guess? >_<

            • Uh, well, if you were teasing me about my miserable murder thriller, it was slightly more subtle than that, lol.
              Anyway, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to guess because you out right named the culprit.

      • How many chapters are in your thriller murder story? Any chance you can translate so I can use my deduction to solve mystery?

          • Originally how many chapters are you intend to finish it? What inspires you to write mystery novel? Do you read mystery novel or comics? If yes, which one?

            Also, since you are not finishing it, can you at least tell what is the plot about?

            • I haven’t really planned on the chapter and I’ve never really read mystery novels, but I do read Kindaichi and Detective Conan manga, if that counts, lol.
              As for what inspires me, well, this might sound ridiculous, but hear me out. XD
              The story was called “Murder at School” and it’s slightly based off my real life situation in high school. I was bullied and pushed around a lot, and back then I told myself if I had a chance, I’ll kill all those bullies. And that’s when it hit me. I thought about writing all of the sadistic murder plans I had in mind and chain them into the story (to let out my frustration).
              The plot was narrated by a girl, who is the head of a Mystery Case club in a high school located up in on the hills. During winter break, while enjoying their time in the dormitory at school, several students started getting brutally killed one by one, day by day. The mystery group tried to solve the case, and found that all of the victim are friends, and they have one thing in common – they like to bully a nerdy boy who committed suicide in the school a year ago. On top of that, one of the students claimed to see that boy roaming around the school one night before dying on the next day. They were freaked out, thinking that this was done by the spirit of that boy. The heroine refuses to believe that this is a ghost story and becomes even more driven to solve this case.

                • Eh. I already forgot most of the tricks done, so not sure if I had the infamous closed room murder in it (i remember not using it though, cuz I’ve seen too much of it in DC). But one of the highlighted case involves the body being found in the middle of a muddy ground, and not a single footprint was seen around it.

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