Worst Valentines Ever

Valentines Day is the day of love. Chocolates, Roses, and lovey dovey Facebook statuses fill the air no matter where you go. Obviously, [Forever Alone] statuses are inevitable and you see them no less than lovey dovey statuses.

Since I am not in a relationship, I normally just buy stuffs for my mother and younger sister for the occasion instead. But me not being in a relationship is not why yesterday was the worst Valentines Day ever. It was because one of my kittens passed away that morning.


His name is Caramel (my younger sister named him).

I’m not sure exactly how old he is, but he was adopted into my family about two months ago, so he should be roughly 3 months old. It was a short period of time, but my family quickly became attached to him. He is cute, playful, full of spirit, and he eats no less than the older kittens in my house.

But then tragedy struck yesterday morning, when woke up to find him fallen into a deep sleep. Just like that.

There was no sign.

He seems perfectly healthy and was seen running around with the other kittens at night, and next day – Valentines Day – he’s gone. The mood in my house was pretty stirred up and we were really confused why he passed away so sudden. The saddest part was I actually planned on introducing the four kittens we’ve adopted (this guy was one of the four) after my reports are done.

Oh well, at the very least, he passed away from a sleep, not because he was starved or sick.
Rest in peace my little kitty 😦

Rest in peace. Caramel 😦

Small Announcement
My reports are all finished and practically, I’m pretty much done with regular University Classes (not really in the mood to enjoy that). Exams start next Wednesday, but who cares about it, lol? I’m gonna be making some more pre-scheduled posts so expect a couple of new posts next week.


32 thoughts on “Worst Valentines Ever

  1. Hi, I want to have the cat as a pet, but I heard rumor that cat hates water and if you try to force it in the bathtub, it will struggle and scratch you. So how do you deal with it?

    • Yes, cats don’t get along very well with water.
      They do struggle a little when I put them in the tub, but so far, they’ve never really scratch my family. What we do is pinch the skin around their neck (only the skin, not the neck itself) and slightly lift it up. This is how mother cats carry their kids. When carried like this, they cannot struggle too much. Put them in the tub of warm water and clean their body. After that, quickly dry them with towel and the blower. My family takes the kitties to bath like once every two weeks, but theoretically speaking you can take bath for them much less frequent than that.
      Caution though. NEVER EVER take new born cats less than 1 month old to bath. New born cats are extremely vulnerable and they must be kept warm at all times.

  2. that being said, I totally forgot:

    guess what, there’s AT LEAST 7 kitties in this pic, I just wasn’t able to take all picture of all of them (they are, behind two washing machines)
    and yes, they make sounds every night as always stay around our house/in our yard .___.
    (we have at least 6 adult cats that likes to come and stay or visit our yard)
    can’t you guys stay away from my life already .____.?

  3. btw, i was your 11,111th visitor today
    but I was too late to SS it because I saw it when I already clicked on the link to read about your post >_> (awn man)

  4. kitties, pups, and small/young animals can be easily infected (them being infected)
    which is why you should let your pup, or anyone’s lick your hand, you’re not the one going to be infected with things, but the pup
    these animals still hasn’t got their full animal immune to surroundings, and do not that the air and pretty much surrouding in our country isn’t clean like else where (I’m not blaming your house, I mean it’s everywhere)
    until they are grown up (around their teens or adult, I don’t remember cat’s, but 1 year of a dog is approximately 7 years old of a human)
    small animals (including humans) are very curious and playful
    It is very highly possible it might went and ate or was in contact with something, as you don’t always have an eye over it 24/7
    another thing is, do you ever bring those kitties to the vet for check ups? they might have their diseases inherited from their parents, or since birth
    I don’t really remember vaccine dates and schedules for cats, but did you give them the vaccine already? if not, well it’s possible for one of the causes
    infections from virus and bacteria are everywhere, and it is going to get to young animals alot more easy than grown up ones because of their unfully developed immune system
    that being said, I feel sorry for the cat
    the others must have sensed it, animals do have sense about living feelings anyways

    • *”shouldn’t” let your pup lick your hand, ugh, too many typos .___.
      anyway, to add a bit more…
      animals do need to learn and grow up for sometime before they learn how to handle themselves not to eat or drink anything harmful (young ones just takes everything)
      and they do know how to cure themselves to a certain length when they are ill (saw cats or dogs eating some certain grasses? and then they vomit out, they are trying to eject out the harmful thing that get into their stomachs)
      oh, and another cause might be the insects… dunno what to call those in english, but I don’t think it’s the case since cats are usually clean, and well, i’m probably sure you clean them enough (although it’s not really a good idea to wash them/clean them up with water during their early months)

      • I guess that could be the case. Maybe he ate something like toxic insects. I got a garden around my house after all, so there are many times where unexpected reptiles crawled into our house >_>

          • We took one kitten to the vet once because she wouldn’t eat anything (when she was normally the one who ate the most) and she had a vaccine then.
            We had the plan to take the rest of the kittens to get a shot, but my whole family was very busy. Since the oldest kitten never had any vaccine yet he was the strongest one in the whole group, we thought it’s okay if they only had clean food. Guess that’s not the case >_>

    • It’s soggy because he was scratching it, lol.
      And he chose to go in there, even though we had a little soft pillow for him outside >.<
      Btw, he was still alive in this pic. I didn't take a pic of his corpse.

    • cats like to sleep in small, tiny spaces that fits them (they feel sheltered), the better space they don’t get/have to move the more they like it (well, as long as they can enter into it in the first place lol)
      just like how dogs like to stay/sleep under the chair/table (but in the dog’s case they need something hovering over their head, they still need some space unlike cats)

  5. That’s so sad. Did the vet ever diagnose the cause of death? The average cat lifespan is 12-15 years. If it dies at 3 month old, something must be wrong.

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