The Onsen

It’s finally here after the long wait. My friend has finished her screen edit and voice input a couple of days ago. Her animation ‘The Onsen’ is now available on youtube.

I’m really glad to finally see my voice acting in action. ^^
For those who have no idea what this is about, read about my Voice Acting Adventure here (I also briefed about the story’s synopsis there). Everything was spoken in Thai, but worry not, there are subtitles in English.

Part 1

Part 2

Anyway, here is my personal review on this animation’s story and scene writing (I won’t touch on animation critics or the voice off-synching with the events because I don’t know squat about principle of multimedia >.<). In case you are reading this, Karen, this is meant to be constructive.

The story was a good humor and the concept of the plot is not too bad for a light hearted comedy.  However, there’s a couple of stuffs I would like to mention about:

  • The prologue of the story was way too short. The setting and situation explanation should have been a little more detailed, so the audience would have understand what is going on easier.
  • I really wouldn’t mind seeing Obaba beating the crap out of Karen and stealing her scythe, lol. It would have made it even more apparent that Karen  screwed up big time.
  • The snoring scene really should have been used to do something else, such as a small argument or friendly fights that develops the friendship of Karen and Mondai. The idea of the two becoming friends and Mondai don’t wanna turn back into a scythe was nice. But the development that leads up to resolution was hollow.

That’s really all I wanted to add. Overall, the story was pretty fun and I really would look forward to watching (and voicing) the sequel if it ever gets created. xD



27 thoughts on “The Onsen

  1. Wow, did you peoples use any of those voice altering device, or did you all change your voice just like that? They really sound like the cartoon voices.

    • Nah, no voice altering machines. XD
      We did record it in my university’s studio using the ‘shot gun mic’ (I believe that’s what they called it). That mic records super high def voice and when played in the record room, my friend thought I was speaking through the mic when it was actually the record.

  2. mondai (problem)…. lolololol
    ok, as i thought, aside from your normal voice, I can’t tell you voiced the other two

  3. ollllllololololololololoolo!!!!
    I burst a laugh@ your “chillin'” and “go get rid of her!” in Thai LOLOLOLOLOL

  4. I don’t get it. Since his mother already retires, how would killing her help gains the respect of his subordinates? That makes no sense at all.

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