Short Announcement [Feb 19, 2013]

So yeah. My last final exam starts tomorrow. After this season is over (which would be at March 5), I would officially graduate from the Assumption University. XD

4 years of university is so fast @.@
On one side, I still want to enjoy hanging out with my friends, and on the other hand, I want all these annoying reports and exams to be over already ._.

And no, don’t worry. This time, I’m not going to announce that my blog will be running dry, lol. I haven’t forgot on the stuffs I promised to do, which is includes:

  • [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] conclusion chapter
  • A requested Chinese New Years picture

I’m working on those stuffs right now. There might not be daily updates, but I have a couple of other entries in mind. The final exams this semester is not as stressful as my past semesters and I am pretty sure I don’t have to hit the books too much.

………Okay, with the exception of Accounting Theory.

This is the only subject I’m worrying about scoring this semester. I mean really, I have no idea what the textbook is talking about at all. The worst part is, this subject’s exam is tomorrow.

I really hope this subject goes well >_<


8 thoughts on “Short Announcement [Feb 19, 2013]

  1. Always ask help from friends who is better in that particular subject or ask teachers for help. No use figuring it out on yourself if you don’t understand it well. ALL THE BEST!!!!

  2. Relax, if you never fail, you will pass this subject even if this subject isn’t your expertise.

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