Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival – The Last Wrong End

So everyone, here it is as promised, the Last Wrong End of [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival] (Read the rest of the chapters here). Sorry for the long wait. I hope this works as a proper closure for the story.

Since no one gets to read the middle part of this story, I’ll brief the events that lead to setup this ending.

Viola and her classmates found themselves trapped in the closed dimension of the Heavenly Host Elementary School, which was said to have been demolished several years ago. In this school, they were forced to play a game called ‘The Bloody Carnival’. The rules are simple. They are given a task to perform. If they can complete that task, they get to continue to live for a while. If they cannot complete the mission within a time limit or decide to give up, the school will punish them by deleting their existence.

The classmates struggled to complete the school’s twisted missions and met many new friends who were stuck in this school as well. However, slowly one by one, they start to lose the game and become a part of the school. The party decides that they can no longer let the school tortures them like this, so they proceed to find a way to escape this place. The party learns of the school’s tragic past and how Sachiko Shinozaki came to create this school. They tried to appease the poor girl and sent her to peace in hopes of shattering this school. However, a twist of events occurs when appeasing Sachiko did not shatter the school, but instead, a new ‘girl in a red dress’ was created in Sachiko’s place.

The school simply picks its new ‘Sachiko’ after the previous one is destroyed. With so many spirit to replace, the party was struck with despair. A glimpse of hope breaks the darkness however, when Viola discovers the research notes Naho, the host of this game, left behind before she was taken by the school. The notes spoke of a way to, not only escape this school, but a way to completely destroy it and free the souls within the school. In order to do so, the party has to appease the current ‘Sachiko’ again, and while the school was in chaos, choosing the new ‘Sachiko’, they either have the choice to run out of the school’s dimensional opening, or to plunge deeper into the school and destroy the ‘heart’ that creates the fabrication of the school.

The party chose to plunge deeper into the school to destroy the ‘heart’. However…

Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival

~The Last Wrong End~

The purple haired girl slowly opens her heavy eyelids and gets up from the cold floor.
“…Where…am I?” she muttered to herself while she analyzes her current situation. Right now, she is sitting on the hard white concrete floor inside a room with several desks and chairs lining up against the walls to the opposite of the window. As she stands up, she notices the white board behind the podium in front of the class with the words ‘Congratulations’ still marked on it.
“I’m…back…?” she whispered, carefully observing the whole room again. She notices the usual desk that she has always sat in class because the carving mark ‘friends 4 eva’ is still engraved on it. Her handbag and her friends’ belongings are all lined up in front of the class just like before Flute started telling the ghost story.
“We’re back…we’re finally back!” Tears of joy and relief flows down her cheek as she covers her mouth, trying her best not to sob.

Bass and everyone else’s sacrifice were not in vain. Everything worked according to the notes Naho left before she became the host of the Bloody Carnival – A game of bloody and cruel death played only to amuse the spirits trapped within Heavenly Host.

“Appease ‘Sachiko’ and destroy the ‘heart’ of Heavenly Host. Only then will this closed dimension opens and all souls are freed.”

Even though she was the one who suggested it, deep down she never thought that it would be a success. Everyone thought it was absurd. Even Viola herself thought it was absurd. But she didn’t care. She can’t just leave her best friend behind in that school – where all souls suffered the pain they experienced before death for all eternity. Cello, Shalroe, and the others believed in her. The bell’s 7th toll might have been a death call to others. But to her, it was the signal to the release of her best friend’s soul.
With that place taken down, all the poor souls that were trapped in there should be able to rest in peace and everyone would be—-.

Where’s everyone…?

The purple haired girl looks around the room, once again, for her friends.
“…Cello…? Shalroe…? Everyone? Where are you…?” she spoke into the darkness, but only her echo replies back to her. They are nowhere to be found.
Where could they be…?
Maybe they came back to the school in another room…? The purple haired girl moves towards the classroom door and tries to slide it. To her surprise, it would not budge even at the slightest; it was as if the door itself was a wall decoration not a door.
“…No…,” the girl whispered and tried the other door. But the result was the same. “I’m trapped…?”

Why are the doors locked…?

Calm down. There has to be a reason for this.
…Perhaps it was the janitor?
That must be it. It’s so dark out side right now, so it’s probably very late already. That’s why the janitors have already locked the doors. Viola quickly turns to the clock at the back of the class. However, the short hand was still at 8 sharp, exactly right before they fell into Heavenly Host. Time has not elapsed at all since then?
Then why is the door locked…?
Feeling anxious, the girl looked outside of the class’s window. Her eyes widened in shock, startled at the vision she saw. The sky was black and filled with twisted clouds. The town outside of the school gate is completely dark and she could barely see a thing. This does not look like her hometown that she had loved and known.

“What’s going on…? Why…why is the sky…—.”
“So dark…?”
Startled at someone else’s voice, Viola quickly turns towards the owner of the voice. Her eyes widened upon seeing a kind looking lady in a long white gown, sitting on one of the desk line against the wall.
“Well hello there,” she gave Viola a kind looking smile. Yet to the purple haired girl, that does not seem like a smile at all. The bloody murderous intent behind her fake smile was almost apparent. The air in the room suddenly became stagnant and heavy. Viola could feel tremendous pressure emanating from that lady.
“You’re…Sachiko’s…no…it can’t be…! We’ve…We’ve already—-!”
“I have to applaud you for getting so far to the ‘heart’ of the school,” said the kind looking lady.
“To be honest, I underestimated you. Never thought that you would rush into the heart of the school instead of leaving when the gate was opened.” Her smile never left her face. “But did you really think that would work…?”
Blood drained from the girl’s face as she staggers back a step.
“Heavenly Host Elementary’s closed dimension was created by Sachiko – a spirit of the poor innocent girl who simply does not want her mother to be lonely. But little does she know about the true nature of her creation,” said the lady.
“The nature…of Heavenly Host…?”
“That’s right. Heavenly Host is not just another school inside the closed dimension; the school itself is a living creature with a thought of its own,” the lady explained, “You saw it yourself, didn’t you? When you exorcized Sachiko Shinozaki, the school did not collapse. Instead, it creates a new ‘Sachiko’.”
“That is right. Heavenly Host needs to have a ‘Sachiko’ for it to exist. If the current ‘Sachiko’ is destroyed, Heavenly Host simply picks a new spirit to become its new ‘Sachiko’. Well, you should know that part best, don’t you? After all, you were the one who gave Sachiko’s tongue back to her.” The kind looking lady giggles.
“Y…Yeah…But…But we destroyed Heavenly Host’s heart; the heart that controlled the very fabrication of the closed dimension! Heavenly Host’s dimension should have dispersed and opened—–!?!?!?!?”
That moment, the purple haired girl gasps at a terrible realization, making the lady chuckles.
“…That is right honey. You didn’t really destroy Heavenly Host. You did the exact opposite; you freed the school out of its box.” The lady crosses her arms, still smiling.
“N…No…It…It can’t be! You’re lying! W…Who are you anyway!?”

The kind lady got down from the desk. Her kind and gentle smile is slowly twisted into a smile that of an evil blood thirsty demon.
“We are the Heavenly Host.”
Viola’s body froze as she heard over hundred voices speaking those words at the same time.
“Thanks to you, we are finally freed out of the dimension. And with this, we shall feed on more souls until we become the absolute being.”
“You have my gratitude. If it wasn’t because of you, we would have never accomplished this.”

Several blue flames suddenly emerge around the whole room. Each flame flickers a couple of times before they shift, forming humanoid figures.
“Vi…o…la…” One of the blue flames appears as a silver haired young man with crimson eyes, lifelessly looking the purple haired girl.
“Please…tell me this is not true…,” Viola cried, “This has to be a nightmare…Please…someone wake me up!”
“…It’s true…”
“Wha!?” Viola gasps and turns towards the owner of the voice, “S…Shal…roe…?”
“It was all your fault. If we had just leave that school, we would still be alive right now…”
“B…But…But I—-!!”


Every single flame yells at the same time.

“We’re dead because of you!”
“If only we left…if only we left!”
“Why did I even listen to you!?”
“Look at what you’ve done! Now the Heavenly Host has escaped into the real world!”
“You brought this to everyone!!!”

“But…But I just…I just wanna save…Flute…”
A drop of tear flows down the purple haired girl’s cheek as she took a few steps back. Suddenly, one of the blue flames steps up to the front, slowly shifting its shape to a familiar looking girl.
“Vi…o…la…,” the glowing blue flames whispered, “…You…left me…to die…”
“Wha…!? No! No, I didn’t—-!!”
“At the infirmary…you…let the darkness took me…you did not save me…you left me…in the infirmary…”
“No!!! I tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t move!!! I…I heard your voice! I wanted to help…But I…I can’t…That’s why…That’s why I wanted to free you from the school!!!”
“You liar…”
“No…! No! I didn’t—-!!!”

“You left me…You left me…YOU left me…! …YOU LEFT ME!!!!”
“You left her! You left her!!! YOU LEFT HER!!!!”


All the blue flames started roaring, piercing the girl’s heart even more.
“No…NO!!! No, I…I…,” the girl cried, slowly taking a couple of steps back, “I…I didn’t want this. I…just want…to save everyone…”
“Well, honey,” the lady with the demon face spoke once again with hundred of voices in synchronization, “Don’t worry about that. You won’t be lonely for too long.”
It was only after she took one more step back that she realizes that there was no floor behind her. But that can’t be. Where are the classroom’s windows? How did it just…magically disappeared?
The purple haired girl screams at the top of her voice as her body dived down the heights of the 7-stories school building.
“Become a part…of the Heavenly Host.”
A whisper of hundred voices in synchronization echoes the dark empty dimension along with the sound of the loud crack, indicating that the girl has reached the ground of the schoolyard, crushing more than just her body.



A/N: And that is all, my folks!
Hope you guys enjoy that!

I am really sorry I can’t continue this story, so I hope this works as a proper closure to this fan fiction.

I might be revamping this story in the future after [Zodiac Angels] and, at the very least, [Symphony of the Devil] are done. However, it would probably be following my Fatal Frame Fan Fictions’ formula as a semi horror-fantasy rather than pure psychological like how Corpse Party is supposed to be.
But in any case, [Corpse Party: Bloody Carnival], in its current paradigm, is now over. So please do not ask me to continue this or what happened in the middle of the story again. You are free to speculate or interpret the untold part of the story however you want. Thank you very much for understanding.

Finally, I really hope you enjoy all the bits of horror I squeezed out into this chapter. And before we part, enjoy some extra trivia of this story, as well as the plans I had but were never written for this story.

  1. Viola is one of the three main protagonists of my original fiction [Zodiac Angels]. However, the ‘Viola’ in this fan fiction is basically a character with recycled appearance that has NOTHING to do with the Viola from [Zodiac Angels].
  2. As a little sneak peek, Cello and Shalroe are also recycled characters from my fiction [CYOW – Symphony of the Devil]. Here’s their picture:

    Cello+Shalroe Silvester – Symphony of the Devil

    Their appearances in this fan fiction also have nothing to do with their incarnation in [Symphony of the Devil] as well.

  3. As one of the special features of this story, I planned on writing at least one wrong end for all of the characters. However, for some weird reason, Viola has the most planned wrong ends.
  4. When I started this fan fiction, the idea of [Sachiko getting exorcized and the school choosing a new ‘Sachiko’] was among the first few plot points I planned on adding. The reason was because I kind of want to explore how the story would be if Yuki became the new ‘Sachiko’.
  5. The friendship between Viola and Flute were made to mimic Naomi and Seiko obviously. As for why I did not choose ‘Alis’ as Viola’s friend, it was because Viola’s whole class was named after musical instruments. Also, I did not use Lyra because it would have been a huge spoiler to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola].
  6. One of the things that troubled me the most when trying to come up with the true ending of the story was how to fill the shoes of the [Naomi getting mail from the dead Seiko] scene.
  7. This story is the third Fan Fiction I’ve wrote, with the first and second being [Fatal Frame 2: The World Ends with You] and [Fatal Frame 3: Call of your Voice] respectively.
  8. The ‘best ending’ of this Fan Fiction shows Viola and everyone running out of Heavenly Host before the 7th bell instead of traveling deeper into the closed dimension. Viola, Cello, Shalroe, and a couple of other characters survived, but the Heavenly Host is still there; it can never be destroyed. The survivors made a memorial for everyone who died inside Heavenly Host and requests for Naho’s blog to be taken down, as well as posting a warning about the Heavenly Host’s curse.
    The best ending also shows Tokiko elected as the new ‘Sachiko’.
  9. The [Dimensional Slip] (explained in Class 02) is a feature originally created for [Fatal Frame 3: Call of your Voice]. But since the Manor of Sleep never gets to shift its form, I removed this feature from the fan fiction and kept it in store until the Bloody Carnival project started.

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