Perfect way to start an exam

Today, I have an exam in the afternoon. The subject is called “ACT4647 Accounting Software Package“. We basically learn about a Thai accounting software called ‘CD Organizer’ (Don’t ask me how it got that name). From what the teacher told me, we’ll have to use the computer lab and access the program so it can help us calculate and answer the question he gives us on the paper.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? However, the problem is, when I got to the university to see my exam room seat this morning, I found this:

Basically, you’ll have to look at the section you are in, and see which room has your ID range. My section is 401 and my ID is 5214932. However, notice that both 401 section does not contain any ID range that includes 5214*** at all.

Yes, registration system trolled me – -”
They probably have typo or something. Notice the second 401. The number descends from 5212823 to 5212782 instead of ascending. That seems totally legit.

And in case you guys are wondering why I am here making this Randumb Entry on my blog instead of panic and look for the exam room, it’s because the exam won’t start until 1 PM my time (and it’s 9:40 AM right now) and the subject itself is piss easy. As a result I have plenty of time to review AND look for the exam room. I just felt like ranting about this. XD
My bet is that it’s in room SC0405 where there’s a typo in the list.

I’ll come back for an update after my exam is over, lol.


Anddddddddddd this subject’s exam is done! As expected, my exam room was indeed SC0405 (the one with typo in the ID range) and the exam itself was pissed easy, LOL

Basically, the question paper already gave you all the information you need. If you study the program, listen to the lectures, and did not play Facebook in class (WordPress blogging doesn’t count, lol), then this exam is basically a give-away. All you have to do is key in the information into the program using the commands learned in class and write down the generated outputs as required by the questions. That’s basically it. This is probably one of the easiest Major Subject exam I’ve ever taken. >_>


12 thoughts on “Perfect way to start an exam

  1. I doubt the lecturers will discriminate any facebook users from wordpress bloggers. Anyway, since you claim the exam is easy, guarantee to score 100%? ^_^

    • There was one or two question that I was not exactly confident, but it can’t affect the total score much. Hence, I doubt it’ll be a 100% score, but definitely above 80% threshold.
      As for the FB and WP users, I mentioned that because I actually did my blogging during class a couple of times, so that was meant to be a joke, lol xD

      • Huh? Missing a question or 2 only nets you over 80%? I thought it would be at least over 9000!!! Ahem, I mean over 90 >_>” (You didn’t get caught in lecture or exposed by someone else? XD)

        • Well, I’m saying 80 just to be on the prudence side. It’s an Accountant habit – we always assume the worst when it comes to numbers. xP
          Also, my friend who sat beside me took a pic of me slacking off in class and put it on facebook once. The hilarious part was, my mom saw it (she has a FB account). My friend was afraid that she got me into trouble but instead my mom simply laughed and even press the LIKE button. XD
          Even though I was blogging, my ears were still listening and following the lecture’s procedures when required since it was pretty simple.

            • It’s not a good habit though. XD
              I was only multitasking only because those jobs are simple enough that I don’t need full concentration on it.
              If it were to be when I am reviewing lecture notes at home, then I can’t do multi-tasking >_<

    • Haha. Thanks. XD
      This is my last semester though. After the exam on March 5, I’ll officially graduate my Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration, Majoring in Accounting :3

    • Actually, I’m often the head tutor of the group, lol.
      It probably have something to do with me doing lots of writing that I’ve learn how to organize the order of story or lessons in a way that other people can understand easily.

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