Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 10

Chapter 10 – A

The three heads of the monsters’ synchronically roar at the top of their voice, echoing the central square as it announced the commencement of our battle.
“Okay then. Let’s do this!” the purple haired girl announced and valorously charged forth at the abomination with her lance tightly gripped in her hand.
“W…Woah, hey wait!” The emerald-eyed brunette tries to stop her, but it was too late – that girl has already ran off.
“Man, she’s a little too psyched,” the brunette sighed and turned to me, “We shouldn’t get to close to the monster. You stay back here, okay? I’ll go get her back.”
“Uh…Okay,” I nodded in reply as I watched her runs off following the purple haired girl. That almost felt like a Déjà vu since it was just a while ago that Miki told me something like that.
Anyway, the two of them seem pretty confident in themselves, especially the purple haired girl. She was charging at that monster without any sign of fear. I must say I envy their courage a little.

The turtlehead opens its mouth up wide and shoots something out of its mouth like cannon from a pirate’s ship. The purple haired girl hops to the side, gracefully dodging the shot that hits the ground nearby before continuing her charge. I was only able to clearly see the shot when it hits the ground. It looks like a glob of harmless green slime. But after a while, the slime reveals its acidic nature by melting tile on the ground, forming a hole. That looks extremely dangerous and nerve racking, much like how the winged serpent wrung that man like a piece of rug. I definitely do not want to see that slime caught on to someone’s skin.
Upon seeing the initial shot missing, the winged monster on the back flutters its wings and releases countless feather-like objects towards the purple haired girl. She immediately halts on spot and jumps back as those feathers stuck themselves half way into the tiles on the ground. The way she instantly stops charging implies that she must feel slightly nervous to see that attack. I mean I wouldn’t want something that sharp to be thrown at me like that, let alone in that amount.
But that might not be a bad thing because that helps the brunette with the cat paw staff catch up with the purple haired girl from behind. After that, the two starts discussing something with each other on spot – perhaps about an approach to tackle this monster. However, that does not seem like the best place to be discussing with each other. The turtlehead has opened its mouth, readying to fire another one of those acidic slimes.
“Girls! Look out!” I immediately yelled to them from the top of my voice, trying to warn them of an impending danger as the turtle makes its shot. Upon hearing my warning, the staff brunette swiftly swings her weapon, releasing a bolt of flame that homes straight at the slime and evaporates it. Both of them then quickly move away from the monster and run back towards me.
“Damn. This is going to be tougher than I thought,” the purple haired girl muttered, putting her lance to the side.
“It’s too risky to attack head on. We’ll have to fight it from afar,” said the staff brunette.
“Easy for you to say. I don’t have any long-ranged attacks like your fire bolts.” The purple haired girl shook her head.

Fighting from afar? Well, I’ve just learned how to shoot Anty properly a while back, but there is no way that shot would be able to harm this monster. But what if I use the thunder attack from the other day? That attacks seems to be extremely powerful, judging from the huge hole it created. That being said, how did I do that attack again?
Anty was crashing onto Piscium a couple of times…and during that…
Oh. That’s right. There was a voice chanting something next to my ears. I tried to recall those words in my head and began reciting it quietly.

O the divine beast in the sky…
Descend down from on high…
And strike down my foes with thy sacred fangs.

Yeah…I think I got those words right. However, I need some time and space so that I can concentrate on reciting the incantation properly. With the monster constantly threatening us like this, it could be a little problematic. I’m not really sure if I can concentrate like that.
“This monster might be harder to approach, but they should not be any tougher than the ones in the city. I think I can snuff them out with my thunder spells,” I told the two girls. Both of them immediately turn their heads towards me, “But if it keeps on moving closer like this, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the incantation in time.”
“Incantation?” the staff brunette asked.
“Yeah. Well, according to…um…my acquaintance, my powers are ‘magic-type’. Therefore, I need to recite a certain ancient phrase before I can release my powers. However, each of my spell is extremely powerful. I guess you can say it’s a trade-off for such power,” I explained.
“Hm…So all you need is some time to chant those spells?” the staff brunette asked.
“Uh…Yeah. A minute of quality silence for me to fully concentrate should do the trick,” I replied.
The staff girl then made a slight pause before continuing.
“I see. How about this, girls? I have a plan,” the brunette said then turned to me, “You focus on casting the spell. I’ll buy you some time to chant and cover you from its attacks. Whatever you do, don’t stop chanting.”
She makes it sounds extremely simple and that made even more nervous. The question ‘what if I screwed up the incantation and couldn’t cast the thunder?’ keeps repeating itself in my head a couple of times. But I guess it’s a little too late to worry about that right now.

“Uh…Okay. I’m counting on you,” I told her and took a few steps backwards. After a deep breath, I close my eyes and try to recite the incantation again. I was pretty sure that I correctly remember the incantation, but for some reason, I just don’t feel the power overflowing like before. Was I doing something wrong? Or was I too nervous?
“Well…Here goes nothing!”
I heard the purple haired girl’s voice followed by her footsteps. Out of curiosity, I reopen my eyes and notice the girl running off towards the monster.
“Oh…she’s charging at the monster again?” I asked the brunette.
“Huh? Oh…Uh…Yeah. I asked her to lure the attacks while I cover her,” she replied, “Oh…um…you’re supposed to be chanting, aren’t you?”
“Oh! I’m…sorry.” I gave her an apologetic bow.
“Don’t worry. I know spells aren’t easy to cast,” she said, “Just relax and loosen yourself. I’ll be covering both you and that girl from here, so don’t worry about getting hit.”
“Uh huh…Okay…I’ll try again.”
And with that, I close my eyes one more time and try to concentrate again. My heart is pounding so hard right now. Maybe I should calm down a bit. I took a deep breath and keep my mind clear. The only thing on my mind right now is the time when I turned Anty into a bolt of lightning. I want to be able to do that again.
After a while, everything around me becomes quieter, and those poems started reciting in my ears again. However, for some reason, the words seem…different. It appears to be a different verse from the one I recited the other day.
Maybe this is another spell?

Just when I was starting to settle down, a weird sensation suddenly engulfs my body. My heart raced faster again, but for some reason, I don’t feel nervous any more.

“Okay. Can you hear me?”

I heard the brunette’s voice in my ears just like how I heard Anty’s voice and the weird incantation. Because of that, I reopen my eyes to see what she wants, but then she starts speaking again, even though her back was facing me.

“Oh…No no no. Please keep on chanting. I’m just testing if this is working or not.”

“…Huh…? Wha…? Why am I…?”

“Please continue concentrating. I’ll explain this later.

The brunette’s voice echoes some more in my ears.
I’m not really sure what is going on right now, but luckily, I still hear the poems whispering to me. I guess I’ll just concentrate on it…

“…Huh? Wasn’t she standing way behind me…?”

This time, I heard the purple haired girl’s voice in the same manner like the brunette earlier.

“Ah! This is harder than I thought!”

The brunette’s voice spoke up again. I know she told me to focus, but this is bugging me too much.

 “I’m sorry! Please continue chanting! I got this now!”

Well…easy for you to say that. Anyway, there is no use complaining. I took another deep breath and begin reciting the poems whispering in my ears.

Watcher in the heavens…
With great passion thou descends…
Shine and drop thy gracious lightning down upon my foes!

The incantation is almost done. Now all I have to do is announce the spell’s name out loud. But how do I tell them to move away? If I said anything else right now, all the incantation would be wasted and I have to chant again.
It was that moment that I thought about how the brunette telepathically talked to me. I wonder if it’s a two-way communication. Maybe if I channel my thoughts to both of them, I’ll be able to talk to both of them the same way they did to me earlier.
“Get away from there! The spell is ready!”
I thought that out loud in my mind…
…Wait…That doesn’t really make any sense.

In any case, the purple haired girl seems to acknowledge actually heard me and proceed to take her retreat after thrusting her lance full strength at one of the monster’s gigantic pillar-like leg. As it loses its balance, one of the razor arms tries to swing at her, but the staff brunette shoot a bolt of flame straight at the blade, halting the attack on spot.

“Cast it now!!!!!”

The brunette’s voice loudly echoes in my ears.
Well then, here goes nothing!
I announced the name of the spell out as loud as I could. That moment, the cloud in the sky quickly swirls in a spiral shape and a huge bolt of lightning suddenly pierced the sky down onto the monster. A loud thunderclap spreads through the central square and we were only able to briefly see the column of lightning frying the monster. Right after the thunderclap ended, the monster was nowhere to be seen. The huge twisted abomination completely vanished without a trace of its body remaining; leaving only the burnt mark from the thunderbolt on the ground where it was standing earlier.

“Phew! All done!” the staff brunette sighed loudly in relief before hanging her staff onto her belt, “Hey, we were a pretty cool team, don’t you think?”
“Well, it was all thanks to your voice telling me the enemies’ attacks. And so, I think I deserve to know the explanation behind that,” the purple haired girl cut to the chase and got straight to the point before I did.
“Yeah. What was all that about?” I asked, “How come I can hear both of your voices when you girls are standing so far away from me?”
“…Uh…you heard her voice too?” The purple haired girl turned to me with a surprised look.
“Yeah. Both of yours actually. Not because any of you were screaming either…Um…How do I explain this?” I paused, thinking about how I should explain the weird sensation to them, “It’s like…I can hear what both of you were thinking.”
“Ah. I guess I have to explain about that huh?” the staff brunette nervously smiled.

Before she could say anything, the sound of siren rang from the roads outside of the square.
“That doesn’t sound good. We shouldn’t stay here any longer,” said the purple haired girl.
I still want an explanation from the staff brunette about earlier, but most importantly, I want to stick around with these girls just a little longer. Miki was the only Zodiac Angel I met so far. I really want to talk to other girls who have powers similar to mine. Because of that, I quickly think about what we should do and fortunately, my mind quickly remembered the small intersection block within the alley earlier. It was pretty quiet and no one would probably get in there at this time.
“Well then, follow me! I know a safe spot where we can talk about this,” I suggested and led them towards the alley that I used to enter the square. Both girls seem a little reluctant at first, but in the end, they follow me nevertheless.



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  2. I have lots of questions, please answer.

    1. The zodiac angels feel pain when their guardians are hurt. If the guardians are killed, do the angels die too?

    2. Sophia’s mum is the zodiac angel too, so does she still have the power or has her power passed down to Sophia?

    3. How did the legend come to known to all? Is there any zodiac angels monuments located somewhere?

    4. How was the zodiac power choose its owners? At first, I thought the parents may have passed down the power to their children, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with Viola, Aurica and maybe Miki.

    5. Any world map?

    6. If Vat and Nat haven’t appear, would Viola already been raped?

    • 1) Zodiac Beasts and their angels are linked only through their minds; they only feel what the other party feels. If the beast gets destroyed, the link basically ends and the angel stops feeling the beast’s pain. Also, technically speaking, the beasts and the angels’ souls themselves are immortal. So if the beast’s body was destroyed, the angel can remanifest their bodies again with their powers. Thgis is similar to how the angels are reborn, except in the angel’s case, it’s a natural process.

      2) and 4) will be answered in Chapter Sophia, so I can’t say anything now.

      3) It’s a bedtime story being told from old times, just like how we get to know Aesop’s Fables and various Fairy Tales. As for how it was spread in the first place, we will cover that in Chapter Ophiucus. And for a small spoiler, this is actually a very important plot point. 😉

      5) I have it in my mind, but I haven’t drawn it up yet. Maybe I’ll draw it up some time soon.

      6) Probably. Who knows?

      • I am leaning more to its poison attack. Like the stinging tail. Really, Anty is lacking appendages and pincers claw for a scorpion…

        • I see. Well, in Star Ocean 3, there is a scorpion shaped monster that has an attack called ‘Electrifying Sting’.
          I probably got the idea of Thunder + Scorpion from then, lol. The idea of Auria using thunder element has been with me from the start because it’s one of my most favorite element.

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