Short Announcement [March 3, 2013]

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Hey everyone!

Sorry, I’ve been completely inactive last week. I was planning on writing up entries about my little kitties, but I haven’t even typed up what I wanted to write yet, lol.

There were a couple of stuffs that got in my way of making those updates.

  1. Obviously, I’m still not out of the exam season yet. I had two subject exams last week, both of which I was completely whatever about. I really want those two subjects to be done because it was really boring to read through. In case you are wondering, it’s [Financial Statement Analysis] and [Physical Education]. Yes, PE has written exams.
    Can you imagine that?
  2. My creative juices always have these tendencies to troll me by overflowing during exam periods and running dry during the others.
    As you might guess, I have been working a lot on translating the rest of [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria] and nothing else. And guess what? I only have three more chapters to translate before I’m done with Auria’s chapter, lol. If this rate keeps up, I might be able to finish [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia] before my work starts at May 1, which is great because I need the rest of those times to type and store up [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Ophiucus]. That chapter is going to be pretty long (something like the number of the three heroines’ chapters combined).
  3. And well, last but not the least, admittedly, I just got my hands on Mana Khemia 2 and I’ve been having a huge blast with it during the times that I’m not reviewing for my lectures and translating Chapter Auria.

    I finally get to see Whim in the game she came from. XD

    Yeah, that was me slacking off big time. Sorry for that. xP
    I’ll be sure to write a review about the game when I’m done with it as usual.

So, that’s basically what’s going on right now. Sorry again that I disappeared without making any prior notices.
My last subject exam is this coming Tuesday. Once it’s done, I’m completely free from University Life. >_<

In case anyone is still looking forward to it, I’ll still be making entries about my little kitties, but after my exams are done this Tuesday.

Anyway, thanks everyone who visited my blog and I’ll see you again next time!


14 thoughts on “Short Announcement [March 3, 2013]

  1. Creative juice? Aren’t all of zodiac angel chapters already finished long time ago, waiting to be translated?

    Unless you are thinking of starting the new fiction?

    • Yup. It’s all done. But translating it also requires some creativity. After all, Thai and English grammar structures are fairly different, not to mention having to look up for the accurate and proper vocabs.

      Plus, since Chapter Viola, I’ve been trying to add stuffs here and there (as mentioned in her trivia) in the translation to further strengthen the characters and plot.

        • Haha. Thanks. XD
          Like I said in my profile here (which I’ll be improving that page soon), I’ve been exposed to English Academics for more than half of my life – more so than my native language.

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