Short Update [March 5, 2013]

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Hello everyone!

Today is March 5 and that means only one thing!


That’s right! As of today, I am now a full fledge University Graduate with an Accounting Degree. Yay!!! XD

And now, my last summer break has started! I have two fully free months of messing around before my work starts on May 1. Obviously, I’ve been scheduling about what I want to do to make the most out of these two months break. As a result, from today on till May 1, I’ll try to make frequent updates each day and keep this place active.

Of course, I have not forget some stuffs that were requested to me, such as the Chinese New Year picture and Database arranging. So please don’t worry. I’ll be working on those starting tomorrow.

Oh, and WordPress just notified me earlier that today marks 1 year anniversary since the creation of this blog. Because of that, Happy Birthday, ‘Insane Blog’!! XD


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  1. M.C, have you thought of promoting your arts through deviantart? Not only that, you can also lead them to this site for more views or comments.

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