Short Update [March 7, 2013]

Hi everyone.

Sorry again for the short update. I wanted to work on the requested works, but yesterday, I had to run an errand for my parents outside, so I couldn’t finish all the works. As a result, I was only able to make some updates to my [About] and [Author] page.

The [About] page is now a mini site map of my blog. Last year, when my theme was still ‘Twenty Eleven’, the ‘About’ Page used to be the ‘Home’ page of my blog. But after New Year, I’ve moved it to the side and created a new Home page using this theme’s feature instead.

My profile on the [Author] page is also updated to celebrate my unofficial graduation, lol.

I’ll try to make some more updates within tomorrow since I have to go to my friend’s graduation in another university (We study at a different university, so we have different graduation day).


12 thoughts on “Short Update [March 7, 2013]

  1. I look through them. The banner is well done. Saw that you play Wild Arms. Do you play all from 1-5, including XF?

    • Yup, technically I’ve played all Wild ARM games. Although, I didn’t play WA1 directly, only Alter Code: F.
      I only cleared 3, 4, 5, and XF though. 2 was such a fun game but I have no idea why I can’t get myself to clear it. I got stuck at Boomerang in ACF .____.

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