Short Update [March 8, 2013]

Some more updates everyone ^^

It took me a while, but here are a couple of new features on my blog:

[Zodiac Angels Database]

[ZA] – Database

I’ve categorized the entries within the database into four categories as seen in the picture. This should make it easier to browse the database.

This menu widget can be seen on the ‘main sidebar’ to the side of this post.

[Order a Picture]

After messing around with the forms, I’m finally able to create a picture ordering form. It’s really not that hard to do, but I need some time to study its feature. This page is listed under the ‘Gallery‘ tab above.

Picture Ordering Form


2 thoughts on “Short Update [March 8, 2013]

  1. When you mean no fan art, do you mean you only accept drawing art that is related to zodiac angels only?

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