Deviant Art Account Up and Running

My dA page

Well, as somebody has suggested, I’ve finally revived my Deviant Art Account after registering and leaving it under a pile of dust. You can visit my dA page here or through the link under the ‘Misc’ tab above (finally has something aside from the SEEF club there, lol). Back then, I only registered so I could see my friend’s dA pictures since he keeps his work under private for some reason.

Originally, I kind of always treat dA as an ‘enemy territory’ since I saw many Sophia Esteed Hate Clubs and arts there, but well, I guess I can just put them on ignore list or something.

New pictures will be uploaded both on my dA account and here as well. However, I planned on uploading the other pictures that I drew, which have nothing to do with my on-going fictions, there as well. If you guys are curious, you can look them up. To clear any possible confusions that might occur, if you see characters of the same name in a different title, it means I recycled that character because I like them so much.

In any case, I really hope this will help generate more traffic to my blog. If any of you guys here are a dA-er out there, feel free to add me or give me a nudge. ^^

Yes, there is a ‘hyphen’ in the link between mad and cartoonist because ‘’ was apparently already taken -.-“


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