M_C’s Insane Blog Facebook Page

Mad_Cartoonist’s Insane Blog – Facebook Page

Well, it’s up since last Friday, but I should make it official. The ‘Mad_Cartoonist’s Insane Blog’ Facebook Page is now up and running. You can visit the page here, or through the link under the ‘Misc’ Tab.

I was really reluctant about creating a page at first. My dad told me that this would really help me boost my blog’s traffic because it helps promote my blog to many Facebook users out there. However, I thought it’d be embarrassing to see only a few likes on the page, so I planned on making the page after my blog becomes more well-known. But then my friend, who also has also recently made his page, told me that I should not do the mistake that he did. (By the way, he is a freelance photographer and also a WP Blogger. You can see his blog and his page here and here, respectively). He said that these Facebook Pages need time to grow in the number of LIKEs, so I should not worry about having only a few at first. Because of that, I thought ‘Heck, how wrong could it go?’ and just decide to create the page. I actually signed up the name for the page since February, but I was a little too busy with university works to work on it.

And well, now it’s up and running. All new updates on my blog will also be publicized on that Page, so be sure to pay it a visit and press LIKE!