Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 12

Surprise update!!!!

Seeing as how the previous two chapter might look like a recycle from Viola’s chapters, I thought there is a relationship with how my blog suddenly experiences a sharp decline in view counts. My intention of writing parallel events in this fiction was to explore the same story from different protagonists’ point of views, but I guess not everyone is interested in that.

Anyway, here’s a surprise update to make up for the past two weeks with no new story. I hope you guys are still interested.

Chapter 12 – A

I hurry out of the alley and head for the sky train station. The fight with that monster and the conversation with Sophia and Viola took longer than I expected. When I got back to the main street, there are no more civilians running around. Perhaps they all have already evacuated to safety. I heard that this city has a rather well organized infrastructure. Because of that, when emergency situations like this occurred, the civilians are evacuated to safety in just a short amount of time.
Anyway, it has been a while since I got separated from Miki. I really wonder if she is okay. Maybe I should have kept my cell phone with me so I can contact her.
…But actually, after thinking about it, I don’t even know if she has her own cell phone. In fact, maybe I shouldn’t even waste my time worrying about her. I mean, I’ve seen what she can do the day before. She took down seven to eight men without breaking a sweat and stopped a car charging at her on track.

…Yeah. I really should have worry about myself instead of worrying about her.

I observe the surrounding to determine my destination. Facing the rail, I vaguely remember that the train was running from my left to right. This means that my destination must be on my left. Out of curiosity, I look over to my right and found that the rubbles as high as two-story building from the fallen sky train rail were clogging up the street, along with many cars that were stuck and buried under the rubble. Miki was on the other side of the rail, so she can’t just run down from the station on the other side and head straight back here through this street; she will have to take some detour through other road before she can return to this street again.

Anyway, I turn my face towards my destination and head forward. Even though it felt like a short distance on the train, the stations are actually pretty far apart on foot. As I am moving towards the station, I found that there are still some of those flying monsters soaring on the sky around this area. But they seem to be less aggressive and less in numbers. Upon further inspection, I just noticed that the big ominous hole is gone as well and the sky has turned back to its former blue color.

When did that hole disappear anyway?
Was it while we were fighting that big monster?
…Or was it because we defeat that big monster?

All of the sudden, the sound of siren filled the street once again. It was the same siren I heard when I was at the Central Square with Sophia and Viola. Maybe the police have finally made their move to take control of the situation. But that can’t be good for me. If they see me running around this place alone when all civilians have already evacuated, they will definitely suspect me. As a result, I quickly run towards the station and climb up the station’s stairs to the ticket platform. It’s funny how the street was packed with people a couple of hours ago, but now this place is completely abandoned. There is no one in the ticket office at all. The ticket clerks have already evacuated. However, the lights in the office are still lit, probably from a hasty leave.

Anyway, not seeing Miki here definitely worried me.
What if she was already here before I came?
Did she already leave the station to look for me?
There is absolutely no way I can contact her right now. What if we completely missed each other on the way here?

…Wait. Calm down. It is possible that she has not even got back here yet. There were monsters outside earlier, and it was a complete chaos. The road was completely clogged so she has to take a long detour before she could get here. It is even possible that she was caught up in a fight against tough monsters like me earlier. I should just wait here for her for a while. And if she still does not show up, I’ll decide what to do later.
Thinking so, I lean against the ticket machine, trying not to worry.

Since I am pretty free right now, I took the time to recap everything that happened earlier. A lot have happened the last couple of hours. First, it was that bizarre broadcast about humans’ extinction from the self-proclaimed servant of Ophiucus Angel. After seeing what just happened to this city, I don’t think that was supposed to be a joke. So Ophiucus Angel is finally returning to bring this world to extinction? If that is so, why now? Why not any time earlier? Why wait all this time to launch an attack and declare war? Was there a reason she could not do that earlier?

Whatever the reason is, I guess I can discuss that with Sophia and her mother once we get to the Orion Observatory. And that’s the next issue on my mind. I wonder what Sophia and Viola are doing now. I hope they get to meet up with their traveling companions soon. Then again, seeing them fight, they are probably able to fend for themselves as well. Geez, I feel so hopeless.

Finally, that big hole in the sky. When did it disappeared?
“When do you think that hole disappeared, Anty?” I turn towards the plush doll on my shoulder. Speaking of which, Anty has been really quiet since earlier. When I was talking to Sophia and Viola, he was standing quietly on the lid of a trashcan, doing nothing for the whole time.
Why wasn’t he talking to me like back at the station or when I was trying to manifest my powers?
“Hey. Can’t you speak like before?” I took him down from my shoulder with my two hands and hold him in front of me. He simply blinks and shrugs.
…What was that supposed to mean?

Suddenly, a loud roar fills the station. Five hideous monsters jump down from the stairs leading up to the train platform. Their appearances are so twisted I’m not even sure where to begin describing them. All of them have huge round glob of meat as their body with human legs sticking down below. Two arm-like organs with sharp-looking bloody razor blades stick out from the meat glob. A small hole in front of the meat glob expands and contacts, as if it was breathing. The five of them slowly creep towards their prey.
“…I…guess I’ll have to fight alone this time,” I muttered.
Anty jumps onto my right arm, as if getting ready to be shot. That’s really nice and all, but would I be able to handle this much?
Just as I was hesitating if I should fight or run, a loud threatening roar emerges from behind me. Three more of those monsters have jump up onto the platform from below. This is really not good. What should I do? I’m really not sure if I can handle this much monster at once.
All of the sudden, one monster screams at me and quickly lunges forward. Out of instinct, I quickly raise my palm at the monster and shoots Anty at it. The shot does not seem to do much damage, but it knocks the monster back away. However, the other monsters, both from the front and back, instantly rush at me after the first one fell down. Grabbing Anty as he returns to me, I quickly make my way to the side, trying to break out of their circle. They seem to know what I was trying to do, so one of them jumps over my head and blocks my path. He swings his razor arm at me, but Anty jumps up and rams against the blade, knocking the monster off balance. That moment, I quickly throw him an uppercut, releasing a bolt of thunder like what I did to one of the flying monsters back on the rails. The monster was instantly fried and turned into a pile of dust as it fell to the ground.
Another loud roar emerges from behind me. I turn around and shoot Anty at the closest monster before continuing on my way. But then, four more of those monsters jump down from nowhere and completely block my path. I quickly scan my surrounding and found that I am completely surrounded. There is no more place to run.

Oh no. What do I do now?

If all of them launched their attacks at the same time, I definitely won’t be able to dodge all of it.
However, just when everything looks extremely hopeless, a ray of light literally pierces through one of the monsters behind me and completely disintegrates it.
What…was that light?
Upon looking at the direction where the light was shot, I found a girl with blonde hair in white dress, holding a silver bow in her right hand. As she pulls the glowing bowstring and aims, a weird glyph was seen glowing on her left hip and another arrow of light was formed on the bow. That glyph…?

“That mark will appear only when another Zodiac Angel is nearby or when manifesting our powers.”

Releasing the string, the arrow is fired from the bow. However, the arrow breaks off into three arrows and disintegrates three monsters around me at the same time. Agitated upon seeing their friends getting shot down, the monsters ignore me and quickly divert their attention towards the blonde girl. She simply pulls her bowstring and fires more of those splitting bolts of light at the monster. Her shot are extremely fast and the monsters are easily taken out one by one. In the end, there is one monster that managed to dodge her shot and close in on her. The monster swings its razor blade at the girl, but she simply ducks down and shoots her arrow at the monster while ducking at point blank; it was instantly burst into dust. She is very skilled. But more importantly, judging from that glyph and those bolts she fired, it is probably not wrong to conclude that she is also a Zodiac Angel.
“H…Hey. Thanks. You really pulled me out of a tight spot back there,” I thanked her while walking towards her. The blonde girl simply stands still quietly, saying nothing.
“So um…You’re…a Zodiac Angel too, right?” I continued to talk when she did not respond. But as I got closer to her, I am startled by how lifeless her eyes are. They look so blank…
Everything was so sudden and I’m not sure how it happened. Before I know it, my body was pushed down against the floor with that girl sitting above my chest. Her knees lock down my arms and her left hand is covering my mouth. She shoots her lifeless eyes straight into mine. They are so cold that it felt like a dagger was piercing straight into my soul.

What? What’s she saying?
What’s going on!?
What is she trying to do!?
I am very scared – So scared that I suddenly felt tears flowing out of my eyes again.

But after a while, the girl quickly jumps away from me and holds her bow forward. As I try to get up, I notice Anty standing on my chest, staring at that girl. Did he ram himself at her?
The blonde girl launches another arrow, but Anty jumps up and easily brushes the shot away with his tiny arm.
“W…What’s going on, Anty? Why is she attacking us!? Isn’t she a Zodiac Angel too!?” I asked the doll as I got up standing. The plush doll quickly jumps up onto my shoulder and points at the girl.
With a closer look, I just notice a thin metallic ring with small weird glowing red light locked around her head like a crown.
“What’s…that? …Is that why she’s attacking us? Something’s controlling her…?” I muttered. The plush doll gave me a nod without turning his sight away from the girl.

A mind-controlling crown? Who created such a thing? The Nebula Corp?

The blonde girl pulls her glowing bowstring and shoots again. This time, three arrows are fired at once. Anty jumps down from my shoulder and radiates a pale light around his body. Just as they got closer, the arrows are then dispersed as if it hits an invisible wall in front of Anty. After that volley, Anty hovers back onto my shoulder and points at the girl.
“Huh…? We have to fight her?”
Anty nodded.
“B…But…She’s one of us! We can’t kill her!”

Without warning, the girl fires another shot while I was talking to Anty. That moment however, something jumps down in front of me and smacks the arrow away just in time.
“…Didn’t I tell you that on this road nothing is perfect and beautiful…?” the cold sarcastic voice spoke up as the speaker slowly rises.
Talk about perfect timing…
“You’re way too soft. If you wanna live while on this road, it’s either you or the other person who has to go,” she said, spinning the daggers on her hands.
“…But…she’s not our enemy! Look! It’s the crown on her head that’s controlling her!” I argue.
“Have you ever considered the option of knocking her out then removing the crown?” Miki rolled her eyes.
…Well, I have to admit that I was not thinking straight and she had a point. Everything was too sudden and I was still under panic after she jumps on to my body earlier.

“Stay alert. She’s coming!” Miki tightly grips both of her daggers, getting ready for battle.



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