Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria 13

Chapter 13 – A

Miki keeps running to the side as that female blonde archer constantly tries to shoot her. Before she charged in, Miki told me to stay put outside of that girl’s line of sight while she closes in to lure that girl’s shots. When I asked her what else I should do, she just said, ‘You’re old enough to make your own judgment. Just don’t get in the way’.
She really could just have said that in a nicer way, but whatever. At least that means I don’t have get in and risk trying to dodge those arrows.
Upon some observation, I notice that the blonde archer’s arrows seem to be able to make an arcing turn once it was shot, as if they could home in to the target. So far, Miki was able to avoid getting shot by these arrows because of her agility and speed. However, I’m worried about what will happen if that girl decides to shoot those splitting arrows.

“Eta Piscium!!!!” The twin pony tailed girl calls to her Zodiac Beast while she is running from the arrows. The tattoo on her thigh glows and the merman and mermaid immediately emerge from behind her. Right after she is summoned, Eta strums her harp and the cool breeze engulfs Miki’s body, just like how it did to me when I was training with her the other day. On the other hand, Piscium charges in at the blonde girl and swings his trident at her. It’s quite a relief that this time Piscium is fighting against someone else that is not me. I don’t ever want to have to fight against him again. His attacks are deft and there is not a slight hint of mercy in his attacks at all.

However, the blonde girl also has an extremely agile reflex, no less than Miki. She was able to evade all of Piscium’s attacks with ease. After a while, the merman cleverly performs a low swipe directed at her legs. No matter how agile someone is, once their footwork is destroyed they are a complete sitting duck. That was the basic I learned in my martial arts class. However, the girl simply jumps up towards the ceiling, and to our surprise, she is kneeling upside down on the ceiling.
“What!?” I cried in surprise.
What kind of power does she have!?

From the ceiling, the blonde girl snipes the merman, who has no choice but to hover away from her.
“That’s a nifty trick you have there!” Miki muttered as she swings her dagger, releasing an ice spear. The blonde girl rolls to the side on the ceiling, effectively dodging Miki’s spear. At the same time, Piscium swings his trident and shoots several ice bullets at the girl.
Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Miki fight again after that night. It was so dark that night, and due to being in panic, I could not catch on to most of what happened back then. But now that this is happening in the middle of the day, I can truly say this time that Miki is extremely skilled. She moves so fast and leaves no opening for that girl to exploit at all. Her constant cooperation attacks with Piscium allows her to force the girl on the ceiling to remain on defense.

“You’re a fast one, aren’t you!?” Miki grumbled, as if frustrated at how that girl is constantly moving.
Eta strums her harp and all of the sudden, icicle spikes appear out of thin air and homes in at the girl on the ceiling. Even with three attacks bombarding from almost all directions, that blonde archer was still able to dodge most of the barrage.
“No, you don’t!!!!” Miki jumps up ahead of the girl as she tries to break out of the barrage and aims for a slash. However, the blonde girl simply drops herself back to the ground and shoots Eta with her arrow. Piscium rushes at that girl for a thrust with his trident, but the girl simply shoots her arrow straight at the merman’s belly, blowing him away.
“Agh!” Miki cried as she drops back to the ground.
Oh yeah. That’s right! Damage on Zodiac Beasts will directly be inflicted upon the angel. Perhaps having two Zodiac Beasts is not always advantageous.
I need to do something. I can’t just let Miki fight that girl while I sit back and watch like this.
But what should I do? The Thunder Uppercut is definitely fatal, and if she was caught in it, she’ll be fried to ashes. In that case, Thunder Reign is also out of the question. What about Anty shot? I might be able to interfere with her movement by shooting Anty at her while she is aiming at Miki. But I need an opportune moment to get the most out of this shot.

Miki swings her left arm horizontally and releases five ice spikes at that girl. But like before, the blonde archer dashes away from all of those spikes before it even got close to her. As she keeps on running, the blonde archer was finally led to a dead end.
“Gotcha!” Miki hurls another ice spear at her. However, instead of dodging, she simply runs onto the face of the wall and snipes back at Miki.
“Argh! You’re annoying!” The twin pony tailed girl swings her dagger upwards, creating a huge ice ramp in front of her. All of the blonde girl’s arrows hit the ramp, but none of them are able to destroy it at all. Miki jumps up above the ramp and releases an ice spear from the tip of her dagger again. The blonde girl drops down from the floor back to the ground and evades the ice spear. Piscium quickly hovers in front of her and aims for a thrust. However, he misses and the girl aims her bow straight at the merman’s head.

I yelled and shot Anty forward. The shot perfectly hits the girl’s right hand just in time, tilting the direction of the shot away from the merman. While she is still off-balance, Piscium makes a quick turn and smacks the shaft of his trident onto the girl, knocking her away against one of the ticket machines. Afterwards, she falls down to the ground and lies still for a while.
“…Hey. Not bad,” Miki gave me a smile, “I guess you actually learned something after all.”
“Well, I’ve been in a couple of fights a while ago,” I giggled while I catch Anty as he hovered back to me. Just as I was about to continue talking, I notice the blonde girl slowly getting up from the ground.
“Miki! Look!”
The twin pony tailed girl quickly turns around and notices the glyph on the blonde archer’s left hip, glowing brightly through her dress.
“Oh geez. She’s summoning her beast!!!!” Miki grits her teeth and gets into her stance again.
“Shoot them. I summon you! KAUS!!!!”
The glyph bursts into a bright light. A huge threatening-looking armored creature emerges from behind the blonde archer. His upper body looks like a knight in shiny dark indigo armor with huge metallic gauntlets on both of his arms. His horned helmet emphasizes his threatening look as well as covers his face. The lower part of his body however, appears to be the body of a horse. He has four legs, all of which are also covered in armor. All in all, an armored centaur is the simplest description that comes to mind.

Kaus raises his right arm up, pointing at Miki before shooting out a continuous volley of glowing bolts at her. The twin pony tailed girl quickly runs off to the side like before. At the same time, Piscium quickly charges at the armored centaur to stop him from continuing his shot. Both of them wrestle against each other fiercely, while Miki turns her attention back to the blonde archer. Eta strums her harp and launches three icicle spikes at the blonde archer, who counters by shooting her arrows at the three spikes at once. The twin pony tailed girl closes in and brandishes her daggers at the girl, who appears to keep up with Miki’s speed just fine. After a high blow, the blonde archer quickly ducks down and shoots an arrow at Miki’s abdomen, blowing her away.
“Miki!!!” I cried upon seeing the girl being shot.
However, Miki quickly gets back up, only slightly puffing from exhaustion. Her body seems perfectly fine and there are only a few minor scrapes here and there.
Oh, right. She still has that spell from Eta covering her body; that’s why she did not suffer much impact from the shot.
The blonde archer pulls her bowstring once again, creating an arrow of light on her bow. However, the arrow magically disappeared after she releases the bowstring. Instead, five more suddenly appears from above Miki.
“What in the!?” Miki cried as she took full hit from all the arrows at once.
I know what it feels like to get hit while having that spell on. Even though she has Ice Wall spell covering her skin, getting shot by dozen of those arrows from all direction would probably make her whole body numb by now.

“Okay. I’m pissed off now!”
Miki quickly rushes at the blonde archer once again, hurling another ice spear forward. The blonde archer bends to the side, dodging the spear, and points the bow upwards. No arrow was shot, but five shining arrows suddenly rain down on Miki. The twin pony tailed girl rolls over to the side and kicks her feet off the ground, launching herself at the blonde archer. She brandishes her daggers many times, but the blonde archer keeps on evading her attacks. After a successful duck, the blonde archer quickly rolls off to the side and counters with a shot, which Miki was able to block with ease.
“She sure doesn’t like getting close and personal!” Miki grumbled and ran to the side to dodge and incoming volley.

Since she is focused on Miki, I quickly shoot Anty at that girl again while she was unaware. However, just before the shot hit her, Anty was shot by something else from the side.
It was that girl’s Zodiac Beast. Despite wrestling against Piscium, he was still able to stick out one of his auto-crossbow arm and shot Anty down. After that, he turns his focus back to the merman and punches Piscium straight in the face.
“Anty! Are you okay!?” I cried as the plush doll slowly hovers back to me. Anty jumps up and down on my shoulder, while swinging his tiny little arms, as if cursing the armored centaur for shooting him.
“…Eh, I don’t think he’ll understand you.” I pat his head to calm him down.
Anyway, that girl is very fast she left almost no opening for Miki to approach her at all. On top of that, her Zodiac Beast is still covering her from afar, should anything else tries to approach her.
“…Hey, Anty. Is there any spell I can use to hold or bind her down so that she would stay still…?” I asked the plush doll. Anty pauses and ponders for a while before he turns back to me and nods. Suddenly, a weird poem starts chanting inside my ears again. The verse is different from the ones I’ve chanted so far. Unlike the past two spells, I sense some power flowing from those poems, but not with destructive intent like Lightning Fangs or Thunder Reign. Perhaps this is new spell could help me turn the table around. I really hope it would not fatally harm this girl.
I take a deep breath and close my eyes. After properly concentrating, my lips start chanting along with the voice in my ears.

Hark the heavenly angels’ melody…

Thy divine voice sang in symphonic harmony…

Admonish the mischief and bind down my foes!!

“Thunder Flare!!!!”
Upon announcing the spell’s name, a bright light suddenly appears from where that girl was standing. Electrical sparks emerges and engulfs her body. However, she does not seem to be electrocuted; in fact, it is binding her down, preventing her from running.
“Miki! Now!”
“You got it!” Miki replied, “Piscium!!!”
The merman pushes the armored centaur away with his trident and rushes at the blonde girl. Thrusting the shaft of his lance at her stomach, the merman launches the girl up from the floor and rams her against the ceiling, knocking her unconscious. The armored centaur wails in pain as he falls to the floor and slowly turns transparent until he is gone.

“…Phew. That was a close one,” I muttered.
“You’re getting good at using your powers.” Miki chuckles while putting the dagger on her left hand back into the sheath behind her hips.
“Well, all I did was just chant along with the words that are echoing in my ears,” I told her.
“You’re so modest. It’s not wrong to accept a compliment once in a while you know.” Miki shrugs and walks to the blonde girl who is lying still. She kneels down and taps the tip of her dagger onto the metallic ring, instantly freezing it. After that, Miki simply pulls the right off, breaking it to pieces.
“…She’s…not yet dead, right?”
“She’s still breathing. This would have been a whole lot easier if I don’t have to spare her life,” Miki muttered.
“That’s a relief,” I sighed.
“You’re way too soft. You won’t always be this lucky,” Miki said, sheathing her other dagger.
“…In any case…I’m glad to see you here,” I ignored her, “I thought I missed you.”
Miki did not immediately give me a reply. After a short pause, she sighs and turns to me.
“So you went off some where else instead of heading straight back to the station?”

…Oops. I guess I shouldn’t have said that. Now she’s gonna yell at me for not obeying her.

“It’s kind of a long story. I didn’t intend to get off track though,” I explained.
“I wonder.” Miki rolls her eyes. She obviously didn’t believe me. But fine. It’s not like I care any more.

“So…what do we do about her…?” I asked, looking at the blonde girl who is lying unconscious on the floor.
Miki looks at that girl briefly before carrying her left arm onto her shoulder, “Let’s find somewhere safe to rest while we wait for her to wake up. If we can convince her to join us, then our mission would be even easier. I wanna know who did this to her too.”
“Got it.” I bend over and carry the blonde girl’s right arm on my shoulder. My eyes then noticed her bow lying on the ground. Anty picks up the bow and gives me a reassuring look, as if saying he’ll take care of her weapon.
“Any idea where we should go?” I asked Miki.
“…I see a small clinic on the street on my way here. Let’s just rest there for a while,” Miki replied.


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  3. Come to think of it, the whole script is best suited as action adventure game, something like devil may cry style.

    • To be honest, before I write all the action scenes in my fictions, I always try to imagine how they would look like in a game before going to describe it, lol.

        • Scientifically speaking, ‘freezing’ is the act of making the particles in matter move slower to the point where they become solid state, so she can also freeze gaseous objects (which is why she can shoot Ice Javelins – she freezes the water vapor in the air).
          But I was using the term ‘liquid’ for simple description.

          Energy is not matter, so it cannot be frozen.

  4. Such a shame. Nebula caught that archer girl, sent her to hunt others zodiac angels, only to be captured later. Nebula FTL 😦

    • Remember that Miki was looking for other Zodiac Angels too. She probably won’t kill the archer girl, but might cause some serious injury to her instead.

      Or heck, maybe Miki might have even got her ass handed, who knows? XD

  5. Would have been even cool if Archer girl calls out the agents as backup with a snap of her fingers.

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