I’m through with Photobucket

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Basically, I’ve been using Photobucket to host my pictures for as long as I remember, even before I started blogging. It was a fairly easy site to use because you just have to upload your pictures there, arrange them into folders, and boom! You get the direct link to your picture where you can host it anywhere!

Yes. Photobucket used to be awesome for its simplicity, until a month ago where it starts to drive me insane because of its new crappy interface and programming. It was yesterday while preparing a prescheduled post that I said, “That does it!”

Basically, Photobucket did the following things that pissed me off.

  • Directing ‘Direct Links’ of a picture to its album view, instead of a plain white empty browser page. I mean, what the heck happened? It’s called a ‘direct link’ for crying out loud. How could they make that go wrong? What’s so hard about linking the darn link to an empty page with nothing but the picture?
    Granted, this is a pretty minor and picky complaint because the direct links still host pictures just fine; it only has problems when trying to access the link itself. Still, it’s stupid how they screwed up the most basic function of an image hosting site.
  • Crappy new interface and album arrangement options. Called me old fashioned, but I’m PERFECTLY fine with non-dynamic album scrolling. I mean, what’s wrong with directly picking the 6th or 7th page of the album and go directly to where you are sure you uploaded your pictures?
    The browsing is now replaced with the endless scrolling. And considering how I have over 300 picture components for my blog, I have to wait for the endless scrolling to load up little by little before I can get to my older pictures.
    The user control options are extremely limited that they might as well not give us any setting freedom.
  • The shenanigan that sealed the deal yesterday was when Photobucket suddenly decides to put my MOST RECENT upload wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down right after my first or second picture of the entire album. And before you ask, the big fat label on top said the album arranges from NEWEST TO OLDEST. It’s not alphabetical either because other pictures are completely scattered.
    Multiple uploads doesn’t fix this damn bug as well. I upload the same picture for 5 times and they all appear at the same spot I mentioned. How did I know? Well, yes, I scrolled down the hard way and saw 5 of them lining up right next to one another.
    Oh yes, have I mentioned that instead of deleting the duplicate pictures, Photobucket deleted other pictures instead? If you happen to look through some of the older posts on my blog here and notice some picture missing, then you know whose fault is to blame.

I mean seriously, all of the above are just stupid. I had this account since before I got into high school and it has never failed me until now. It’s just so disappointing and I felt betrayed. It’s not wrong to change stuffs, but god, at least make sure you get the most basic stuffs right, please. If you can’t then don’t make the bloody changes at all.

Early this morning, a good friend of mine suggested Imgur and it works exactly like how an image hosting site is supposed to. The navigation is simple and easy as well. Thank god I find a good substitute so fast.

I’ll be moving some of my pictures and fixing the links, so if you are browsing through the database in the next few days from now, don’t be surprise if you find some broken links.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


2 thoughts on “I’m through with Photobucket

  1. Cool down, Mad. Don’t need to get so upset oer trivial matter. At least you get the matter solved 🙂

    • Yeah. I already cool down right now. XD
      It was indeed such a small matter, but when you got works to do and something is not cooperating, it’s so agitating.

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