White Choc

Hi everyone.

It took me a while to decide on what to write as well as getting a good picture of the kittens. Well, you know, they are really playful so it’s kind of hard to get them in a good angle.

White Choc (6 months old)

Anyway, this is White Choc, the eldest kitten in the house. By the way, before you wonder, my sister is in charge of all the kittens’ name. White Choc has one of the most tragic lives one could imagine 😦

This started back around the middle of last year. There was a female cat, which loved to pass by our yard and asked for food. We fed her for some time and my sister gave her a name, ‘Coco’. Coco passed by our house almost everyday but suddenly one day, she disappeared. We wondered where she went cuz she was no longer asking for food. My mom guessed that Coco was pregnant, judging from her body size, and probably went somewhere to bear her child.

Coco and her litter

It was around September 2012 or so that we looked down from our windows and found that Coco was breast-feeding her kittens in the yard of another house. She has five of them in the litter. Obviously, we want to pet them because they are incredibly adorable, but mother cats are generally protective of their children so we couldn’t. Not to mention the fact that we can’t just climb over the wall to other people’s house to get the kitties…
(The resident of that house sort of use the place as a vacation house, so it’s empty most of the time. That’s probably why Coco went there because she knows that it’ll be quiet).

Anyway, one day, it started raining and Coco was probably migrating her kids to somewhere else dry. However, one kitten fell down to our yard and broke his right hind leg. Coco didn’t seem to care and just left him there to die. After all, according to the law of natural selection, the mother usually let the ‘weaker’ ones die because she already has her hands full trying to survive.

My mom found that kitten lying in our yard in the morning, just lying still down there as if accepting his fate. She picked him up and handed him back to Coco when she came to ask for food. But Coco just ignored that kitten, as if she doesn’t even know him. My sister and father were really pissed to see that, so we adopted that kitten and stopped feeding Coco. (Don’t worry about her. She’s a grown cat and she often asks for food from other house on days we have no leftovers. Or some times, she can even hunt for her own food, as evident by the corpses of the birds we see lying in our yard.)

White Choc’s first day in our house. He was curled up, frightened and scared.

Yes, that kitten is none other than White Choc. He was very scared and frightened when we picked him up at first. In fact, we could almost tell that he was crying for his mom. How did we know? Well, Coco still showed up a couple of times after we picked him up, and every time she purrs, White Choc would run to the window and kept calling to his mother (well, ‘run’ isn’t exactly the right word, cuz his right hind leg was broken. Let’s just say he staggered all the way to our house’s back door to call for his mom). Coco would either ignore him or just run away should she see him waltzing around.


White Choc and his pillow

It took a while for him to adjust and recover (about 2 or 3 weeks). Now White Choc is about 6 months old. His legs have fully recovered and he is the strongest and fastest kitten in the house. He is also unbelievably cute. This started when he began to adapt to our family. He’ll sleep on an old pillow I prepared for him downstairs. And around 7 in the morning, if we are not yet awake, he would sit at the foot of the stairs, looking up, and purred as if saying “Wake up time folks!!”
Right now he could climb up the stairs (and fast!) and he’ll often scratch my mom’s bedroom door cuz she’s the one who prepared food for him (and the other kittens after they joined us).

He is also incredibly smart and witty. He knows that we don’t allow him to get onto our bed because he is dirty. So whenever he wants to sit on the bed with us, he’ll sit down there on the ground, licking himself over and over for a while before jumping up on to the bed and looking at us, as if saying “…What? I’m already clean!”


My PS2 shelf

White Choc surprisingly loves tight and small space. Back when we picked him up, we thought he was afraid of us, that’s why he always presses himself against the corners. But now, even though he is used to seeing us, he still loves to lie down in tight spot. For instance, he loves to hide in the shelf on my desk behind where I usually set my laptop. To make stuffs even worse, he loves hiding in the shelf where I keep my 8-years old PS2, which is now overly sensitive and will have trouble reading the memory card should anything touches it.

Oh yes, he also loves to play with plastic ropes. Should he see one, he’ll instantly pounce at the rope…well…unless he’s hungry then he’ll prefer to go for food first.

Here are some other early pics of White Choc.



20 thoughts on “White Choc

  1. White Chocobo the purest of all
    Its white fur is as shiny as day
    Its claws are as sharp as night

    White Chocobo the rarest of all
    It’s the first to wake
    To serve to wake all up

    It’s the noblest of all
    To encounter it is a blessing
    Yearning for its mum
    Hoping to reunite as one family and all

  2. And around 7 in the morning, if we are not yet awake, he would sit at the foot of the stairs, looking up, and purred as if saying “Wake up time folks!!”

    PIC NAO!

  3. The reason why the mother cat abandons that little kitty is because your mum touches it and leaving her scent on that kitten which the mother cat doesn’t recognise. This is probably why she didn’t recognise her own son. Never ever touch the young kittens while they are still under the mother cat’s care. I don’t think the mother cat didn’t care when it fell. It probably didn’t notice nor hear its cries due to the rain. Was it the heavy rain at that time?

    • Hm. That makes sense o.o
      And I was pretty sure it was raining pretty badly then.
      But still, for some funny reason, after we’ve adopted White Choc, Coco always run away from us should she see White Choc calling for her from inside the house.

      On the other hand, I think White Choc clearly remember his mom because he was crying to her the whole time we tried to return him to her.
      Even now when Coco passes by, White Choc would hop up to the window and call her.

      • That is because Coco thought White Choc is harassing her. She’s no longer detect that scent since it is destroyed when it is touched by humans. White Choc still recognise her mom’s scent, so it is still able to call out to its mum.

        • I see. That kind of made sense.
          But well, White Choc is now adapted to life in our house. He still calls to his mom every time she passes by, but he no longer yearns for her.

      • LOL, Coco’s litter all died. My family saw to it. White Choc is the only survivor of that litter. In fact, after WC’s litter, she had one more litter of five and they are all dead now.
        You might want to consider what you just said again.

        As for why we don’t know, on our defense, White Choc was our first kitten, and I wasn’t even the person who picked him up.

        • All of Coco’s babies die? Why? Didn’t Coco take good care of them? How can such a thing happen? Coco is probably feeling sad now that she lost all her babies.

          • Indeed. The weather around her changes a lot. Little kitties are extremely weak to cold air. They probably experienced sudden change in temperature and from the rain as well.

            Coco can hardly be blamed. She needs to look for food while taking care of her kids. There are other stray cats in the village too, so who knows what could happen to the kitties while Coco went away to look for food.

            • That sounds really devastating. So what happen to Coco now? At least one of her children lives on as White Choco, even though she disowns him.

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