My lil’ sister and Pomelo (5 months old)

Pomelo is my sister’s personal favorite. She cares for all the kittens, but she seems to be especially close to Pomelo.

The funny thing about Pomelo is that we always thought that it’s a ‘she’, since the person who offered us Pomelo said that it’s a she. It was only a couple of weeks ago where we realized that it’s a ‘he’. We had some trouble thinking about what to call him since Pomelo is such a feminine name. In the end, we thought, “Screw it”, and just called him Pomelo like before.

Pomelo is approximately 5 months old right now. My dad joined the cat lover community on Facebook and found the announcement offering this orange kitten. Originally, we wanted White Choc to have a friend so he would not be lonely. But at the same time, we also want to find him a future mating partner so my dad looked for a female kitten. Turns out that Pomelo is a guy in the end, so there goes the future mating partner plan.

Anyway, Pomelo is the fattest (not a typo) cat in our house. He eats a hell lot more than the other kittens, and in fact, he even scowled at any kitten that tries to eat from his bowl. He really just loves food. There was once when White Choc wants to play with the hungry Pomelo. He simply did not care. Pomelo ignores the white kitty and just head for the food bowl, eating White Choc’s leftover. At one point, I even jokingly called him Garfield, but my sister quickly disapproves, saying that Pomelo is a lot cuter.

Pomelo: “Get me out of this thing!!!!”

I’m not sure why, but he seems to be overly attached to me for some weird reason, even though I didn’t play with him all that much. He loves to follow me upstairs whenever I got home and tries to follow me into my room. Some times it was a little annoying since he’ll hide under my bed and won’t come out. Overall, he’s cute although he likes to mess with me.

Oh yes, he is also surprisingly good at holding milk bottles. Check out some of his early pictures below for prove:




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      • I see. And you even remove everything. Oh well, too bad I can’t read that moderated posts.

        I thought it was cute to feed Pomelo with milk bottle. Don’t he/she find it cute?

        • There is a high chance that feeding kittens this way could make them choke. We know that full well. The problem is Pomelo insisted on drinking the milk this way and there is nothing we can do to stop him. (He just keeps lifting the bottle up like that.)
          So yeah, my intention was to show how cute and talented he is, but the guy just doesn’t like it and keep calling me ‘laughable city people trying to take care of animals’ when he himself even admit that he wasn’t even taking care of any cats.

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