Moccha (3 months old)


Milo, Mocha, and Pudding

Mocha is the youngest kitten of our house as well as the frailest-looking kitten, even more so than Caramel when he was still alive. Mocha was adopted into our house along with her siblings, Milo and Pudding. However, just like Caramel, we found Milo and Pudding lying lifeless next to Mocha about two days after we picked them up (this happened way before we even picked up Caramel).


Mocha and White Choc

Anyway, Mocha is the only female kitten in our house (we’ve ‘confirmed’ it ourselves). White Choc seems to be especially fond of her and he cleans her up quite often. However, since she is still very young (about 3 months old), we have to keep an eye on both of them so they don’t do ‘stuffs’ prematurely.


Mocha has some trouble maintaining her balances. She cannot make sharp turns or look up too high, because she’ll just end up falling to the floor. Although she has slightly improved because now she can run in a straight path, she still has some trouble if she needs to make instant breaks or turns. She was also the last kitten to be able to climb the stairs. Caramel was able to get up the stairs before her, even though theoretically he is younger.

Sadly though, recently Mocha had some infection on her skin and that caused a good chunk of the fur on her back to fall. We’ve already taken her to the vet and gave her the medication. She should be able to heal in a month or so.



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  1. Mocha is so much smaller when compared to White Choco. I know late post…XD
    But I couldn’t think of what to say back then XD

  2. A 10 human years old White Choc lusting after a 4 human years old Mocha. Way to go, White Choc. You’re a pedo, LOL!

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