[ZA] – Viola VS The Hooded Man


This picture contains major spoiler to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Viola]!!!!!

[ZA] – Viola VS Rokishi

[Zodiac Angels] – Viola VS Rokishi

Here we have the picture of the final showdown between Viola and Rokishi. Viola crashes against her mother’s murderer for the last time in a decisive battle.

“My pain. My angst. It all ends here!” – Viola Hikari

To be honest, I already had the plan to draw this scene before it was requested, but originally I thought I would put it in the compiled version of [Zodiac Angel – Chapter Viola] as an exclusive bonus. But since it is requested before I could do that, I’ve decide to just put this up here as requested.

For the Thai version of the three main chapters, Viola’s battle against Rokishi was one of the chapters I had to rewrite a lot because I really want it to feel decisive. In the end, I hope the twist in this battle does not seem too underwhelming to anyone ^^.

Once again, sorry for the long wait!

This picture is requested by username [Incognito].

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