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So yes, as the title suggested, my PS2 is now officially dead. I still can’t believe it. She (yes, ‘she’) has been showing several symptoms, such as loose controller jack and memory card slot, but none of those are truly major, because I could still get her to read them. However, her AV cord jack is now completely fried. And yes, I’ve personally made sure that it’s the jack because I’ve used a spare AV cord from my PS3 set (by the way, my PS3 is connected to the TV via a HDMI cable) and still, nothing comes on.

I asked a store on the other day when I went to get my PSP’s analog changed (AGAIN) if my PS2 can still be fixed; they all shook their heads. They said that if she’s a ‘slim’ model, then she could be somewhat savable. But unfortunately, she’s not. As a result, I finally unplugged her from the TV and put her in the box after being stationed in my shelf for so long.

My PS2 is roughly 8 years old. I got her back when I was in grade 8, which is like 8 or 9 years ago. The first game I played on her was Final Fantasy X (which I could not finish until several years later).

The PS2 games’ era has been one of the best era in my opinion. Several of my most favorite games ever, such as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Ar Tonelico, are in this era. PS1’s era had great games like Breath of Fire IV and Final Fantasy 7 to 9, but they are not as ‘WOW’ to me as the PS2 era. So far, the only games I’ve played on the PS3 are Final Fantasy XIII, Cross Edge, and Star Ocean 4. All of those are definitely not ‘bad’ games, but none of them are as ‘WOW’ as the PS2 games.

For this reason, I have a plan to save up money for a new PS2. From my survey, first hand PS2 now costs only about 4,000 Baht (30 Baht = 1 US Dollar), which is not all that expensive any more. Plus, I’ll be getting my first paycheck after next month is over, so I should be able to get enough money for it by then.


23 thoughts on “RIP PS2

  1. …Damn. I totally forgot about April Fool .____.
    Trust me folks, my PS2 really died.
    In fact, this entry was typed up around last week and scheduled to be updated today.

  2. Nice April Fool joke. No console has ever live as long as 8 years. At best, it’s only 4 years but I forgive you since it’s April Fool.

    • I got this console back in 2004, when I was in 8th grade. Now it’s 2013 and I’m done with my 4 years university curriculum. So yeah, that’s really 8 years >_<

      Granted, I did not play my PS2 24/7. And in fact, I think she experienced a period of 6 months of no-plays once because I've already finished most of my games. Plus, I took REAL good care of her.

  3. It looks kinda dusty on the surface. So what are you going to do with it? Leave it on the shelf as the momento? Put it in the storeroom? Sell it to garang guni man?

  4. Your ps2 outlives mine. Mine dies after 3 years XD

    How do you take good care of it for 8 years? Oh, you might want to check up on psn store at ps3. Maybe there is digital download of star ocean in there.

    • Totally agree. There are many ps1 and ps2 digital games put on psn stores for you to purchase and download. Check them out. Who know? Maybe your favourite games are in there too.

        • Have you tried looking at US or European PSN store? Different regional PSN has different games put on store. Just create another jpn/euro/us/asian account to check them out. That’s what I do too. Of course, that would mean you have to create multiples email with fake address.

          • I’m not worried about emails, since I have more than one anyway.
            I have a problem with US’s address though, lol.
            I still need a US account to get my Cross Edge DLC ._.

            Many of the GameFAQs users confirmed that SO3 and AT are not on PSN, which is really sad, cuz it’ll be instant purchase should it be up there.

    • Well, I occasionally wipe the dust off the exterior and avoid any act that risks breaking it down, such as removing the disc while the game is on.
      Throughout its 8 years, I’ve never had the chance to clean its interior nor maintain the various jacks. So I guess 8 years is a pretty long enough time.

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