M_C does not tell April Fool jokes…


So, I know it’s a funny coincidence that the entries about my PS2 dying and MK2 half review was scheduled on April Fool days (April 1 to 2. Due to time difference, these two days have always been April Fools day to me), but there’s one thing you should know about me.

I can’t make April Fools joke, lol. I’ve never succeeded in it so I never bother to do it at all. To me, April 1 and 2 are just another day to me.

As a result, those entries about my PS2 and MK2 half review were real, and not April Fool jokes.

Now, let me explain the truth behind this funny coincidence. My PS2 actually died around the middle of last week (It’s a little before that too, I think). I wanted to make a post about it right away, but I set my blog in a way that posts are uploaded in a predetermined scheduled (like how each new fiction updates come up at 8 AM GMT+7 sharp every Saturday). Since last week the schedule was packed with Lauress’s data entries and new pictures, those two posts were pushed back and coincidentally fell onto April 1 and 2.

It’s 8 AM sharp of April 3 (GMT+7) when this post comes up, so you know this is no way an April Fool joke. >_<

Next year, I’ll be more careful to not make any posts on April 1 and 2…


10 thoughts on “M_C does not tell April Fool jokes…

    • More sad than bored, lol.
      I have many stuffs I have to do before my work starts on May 1, so I’m definitely not bored right now.
      But I am sad that there’s a high chance I might not get to see Sophia again .____.

  1. I can tell that your ps2 is REAL OLD!! Look at those white flaks on the cover. You mention that you have wipe the dust but from the picture, I can still see those white flaks on it. It’s sad that your ps2 finally breathes its last after all those 8 years.

    Don’t you ever throw it away. It could become the historical artifact as it has become antique. Or you can put it in the time capsule, and hope someone in near future can find it and is amazed by the ps2 XD

    R.I,P…Mad’s PS2.

    • Yeah. It’s 8 years old with only occasion cleaning, so the flaks were pretty thick.
      She’s still functioning, but her AV jack is burnt and there’s no way to change it. If there are still some parts available, she’ll still be alive. But…

      And no way, I’ll never throw her away. XD
      I’ll just put her up on the shelf as memento or something.

  2. So it wasn’t April Fool? Find it hard to believe that it falls on April Fool coincidencely, but since you are so adamant about it even though April Fool is over, I guess it must be true then.

    • Yeah. I know ._.
      And I can’t blame you if you don’t believe it.
      I really should look at each day’s occasion properly before scheduling a post next time, lol.

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