More pictures of White Choc

I’ve been digging up the pictures in my cell phone since I’m running out of space. I don’t take a lot of pictures, but I had lots of songs in it. I’ve never thought my 2 gigs would be used up.

Anyway, look at what I’ve found. XD

Pictures of White Choc when he was younger! Enjoy!

Please note that I’m a lousy photographer. Unlike the previous pictures where my sister took, these were taken by my cell phone, so they are kind of blurry and less sharp. Still, he looks pretty cute xD

If memory serves, this is also from the first day we picked him up.

I know. I suck at taking photos ._.

Close up~

Nappy time~

Moar nappy time~

And moarrrr nappy time~

The following pictures are the more recent ones:

Seems like my school bag has become his new bed…

He said that I’ve been reviewing for my GMAT too much…

So he sits on my book, waiting for me to play with him…


19 thoughts on “More pictures of White Choc

  1. He really sleeps alot, doesn’t he? I have a question. Do you always wipe their ass after they poop? If not, why? Won’t the stains on their anus dirty the floor or others when they sit?

    • Yeah. Cats spend most of their day sleeping.

      No, we’ve never really wipe their butt for them. I don’t know about other cats, but my three cats all seem to properly clean their butts after they do their stuffs. As a result, there is rarely any stains on the floor.
      To make sure though, we give them a shampoo bath once every month to clean them up and dry them right after.

      • Umm…how exactly do they clean their butt? By licking? That sounds so dirty and unhygenic if that’s true…

        • Well, cats generally clean themselves by licking. But I don’t know how they clean their butts >_>
          Most of the time, when they got out of the liter tray, their anus always seem to be pretty stainless.

  2. What is that bottle you are drinking in the final picture? And what kind of book are you reading?

    • Teasing him with plastic rope. XD
      For some reason, he just loves ropes. What I do is basically tickle him with the tip of a plastic rope. He will then try to catch the rope and occasionally scratch and bite it. He sure has lots of fun. I’ll try to record a video of me playing with him some times.

      Mocha also loves to play with plastic rope. But Pomelo doesn’t seem very interested, lol

      • Pomelo doesn’t like playing much? Maybe his obesity has caused him to slack much, haha. So how many cats you have left? Only 3?

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