Poll: Next Freeware Game

Well, I’ve been looking for new features within WordPress, and I’ve finally learn how to set up a poll. xD

Just in time for a preliminary test for this feature, I am looking for a new Freeware Adventure game to play since I am done with Misao and Mad Father (Mad Father’s true ending did a number on my mentality, so I had to put these games on a break for a while ._.)

There are many interesting freeware games, but for now, I want to try out the ones that VGPerson (the guy who translated Misao and Mad Father) hosts first. As a result, I’ve come up with five choices of games from his website. Honestly speaking, I’ve heard stuffs about these games. Among these five, there is one I’m not really sure I want to play (since a friend of mine told me that the ending is as messed up as or even worse than Mad Father) and one that I am interested in trying out.

But still, I want to try out the poll feature and make my blog a little more interactive. As a result, I want everyone to decide for me! 😀

So please, vote away!

This poll will be up and available [until April 21] and on April 22, the announcement of results will be posted.

If you want to know what each game is about, you can read about them from VGPerson’s website in the links provided below:


The Witch House


[No Picture. Sorry] 😦


The Crooked Man

This is the first time I’ve created a poll on this blog, so if you experience any difficulty in voting, please notify me in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Poll: Next Freeware Game

  1. Other than IB, the rest are scary games. Also, is this to be done livestream on twitch? Remember to state time and date, so I can come watch.

    • I haven’t really considered live stream, because I don’t have the resource to do so.
      I do want to make some kind of a blind LP though.
      I’ll see if I can record it once I get a PC from work.

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