Arrived at [Dusit Island Resort]

And I’ve finally reached the hotel after traveling for over 12 hours! XD

Sitting in the car for 12 hour is really tiring @_@
It’s been some time since my family went for a long ride like this. Here are some of the pics of the room my sister and I are staying.

(Warning: Big Pictures below.)

The leisure portion of the room. The couch is extremely comfortable to sit and read a book.

The river view outside of the window. I believe this is called the ‘Kok River’.

That’s my bed. And that’s Spidey on the bed. Say hi to him. I’ll talk about him later some times.

And this is the working table. That’s my laptop you see there on the desk. And the two bulky books near the TV is my Princeton Review GMAT practice books.

It might look a little bright outside of the window when I took the picture, but right now, it’s getting pretty dark. I’ll take more pictures and make more updates tomorrow ^^


17 thoughts on “Arrived at [Dusit Island Resort]

  1. Cool room. I have heard many writers like to stay in hotel for some ideas and inspiration. Mad, what happen if your kittens start making noise in middle of night or room service at your doorstep while your kittens moving around?

    • They actually made LOTS of noise last night .____.
      We dry up the shower room (which is warm from the shower we had) and put on dry towels for them to lie on. Still, they probably panicked from being confined in an unfamiliar place and scratched stuffs. I only had half a night sleep last night.

      This morning, we brought them back to our truck and fixed up a room for them there (can’t let the maids see our kittens in the room). Our truck has a roof installed on it, and we even bought their cage and litter tray just in case. We also park our truck under a tree’s shade, so the air shouldn’t be too hot for them.
      We are thinking whether or not we should leave them there for tonight.

      • You are lucky the persons staying next room didn’t hear it. Isn’t locking the cats in your bar

        • My bad. Accidentally clicking send. Anyway, isn’t it a bad idea to lock them up in the car whole night? They might get suffocated from carbon monoxide.

  2. Is there any horror legend myth behind the Kok River? Is it infested with crocodiles? That big mirror is so scary, like the japanese horror movie “The Ring”. One might spot something that one shouldn’t see in that mirror Xox

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