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Hey guys.

Many of you might not be familiar with this day, since it’s a Thai Tradition, but right now in Thailand, we are celebrating the Songkran Day Festival. In some foreign countries, this festival is known as the ‘Water Festival’.

Originally, this festival is [Thai’s New Years] day. In the past, we celebrate this occasion by visiting our parents and relatives, and paying them respect. The adults will pour water onto our head to give us merits and blessings. The tradition evolves as time passed, and now, it’s a festival where people splash water at each other. Part of this was to relieve the heat in the weather, but it was also done for fun. Much like how you should not be offended when someone plays an April Fool jokes on you, you should also not be offended if you are splashed on this day (if you don’t want to get wet in this occasion, stay home).
I heard that many foreigners love this festival and even visit Thailand solely for this occasion. (Read more about Songkran Day here)

Since it’s a long holiday, my family decided to go up north for a family vacation (in fact, by the time this post comes up, I’ll probably already be half way to Chiang Rai). It’s been several years since we last went to family vacation together. Works and many stuffs tied up my parents, and some times, they couldn’t even spend their breaks during this holiday. This year, however, our works are slightly lighter, so my parents were able to take some time off for the family. Plus, we want to have a family trip before my work starts, since I’ll probably be busy and might not have a matching holiday with my parents again (Auditing and accounting jobs normally have awkward holidays since we work when people have their breaks, and we break when people are busy with their works).

I’ll be bringing my laptop with me to work on the fiction and make replies to comments in the hotel during the evening, but I probably won’t be making any daily updates. I’ve cleared the entry schedule during this week in case I have pictures during my vacation to share. However, the fiction update is still scheduled to be posted this Saturday, so stay tuned for it 😀

In any case, Happy Songkran Day to everyone (even though you might not celebrate it), and see you again next time ^^


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