Some Technical Errors on Recent Comments

Not really a real update, but I thought I should say something about it.

You might notice that some of the recent comments you made might suddenly disappeared. Don’t be surprise. It’s my fault – -“

I was in the middle of something and I accidentally permanently removed all of those comments, specifically the most recent 26 comments. So if your comments are gone and I haven’t make a reply to them yet, please post them again, and I’ll make a reply.

Sorry for the inconvenience…


8 thoughts on “Some Technical Errors on Recent Comments

  1. Yup, my comment is deleted. Anyway, my question is how loyal are the cats to you and your family? If you put them out in the open, would they wander off and disappear or would they stick close to you and your family always?

    • Sorry I accidentally remove your comment >_<

      As for the kitties.
      White Choc is easily afraid of things he's never seen, and most importantly, he runs away from all humans he doesn't know. I guess that means he is opened only to us for an extent.

      Pomelo is clingy to my sis and me, but I don't know what would happen if a stranger feeds him, lol.

      As for Mocha, she is extremely clingy and always want to be held. Not sure how she will react if other people hold her though.

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