Going home today!!!

As the title says, my family will be heading home today.

It has been a great trip ^^

This past Saturday, we went on the a short trip across the borders to Myanmar, and on Sunday, we had our lunch at the hotel’s Chinese Restaurant. There are stuffs I want to share, but since all the pictures are with my sister and father, I couldn’t share them here right away.

I’ll try to make updates about my trip after tomorrow since I’ll probably be back at home late today.

For now, let me share a couple of other views within the hotel.

Hotel’s Lobby Lounge

Views in front of the hotel at night


6 thoughts on “Going home today!!!

  1. You need to take more picture shots where peoples are blended in, especially hot chicks. I want to see more thai babes in swimsuits at pool, dining at cafeteria, at leisure spots!!

    • LOL, I wanted to show the views of the hotel, not the chicks. XD
      Although, I did meet some really hot Thai chicks here during breakfast.
      Most of the guests don’t stay in the hotel for too long. They leave for the tour around the province after the breakfast is over.

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