Dim Sum at Hotel

The day after we went to Myanmar, we stayed at the hotel and relax. At noon, we moved down stairs to have our lunch at the hotel’s Chinese Restaurant [Chinatown].

Noodles in Beef and Chinese Kale gravy – My dad’s favorite. Whenever we go to a Chinese Restaurant, we always order this.

Close up view of the noodle

Cream and Red Pork steam dumpling. The taste hit right on spot.

Shrimp Shumai – The most basic Dim Sum snack. This is mostly the first item in the menu whenever we talk about Dim Sum, next to steamed dumpling…At least we Thais think so.

Google Translate called it the ‘Chrysanthenum Juice’. I’m pretty sure there’s a shorter term, but it escaped me ._.

And one last picture for the lulz.

Since we have pretty luxurious lunch, we trade it off by having an economic dinner LOL

Admittedly, we were really hungry when we got in the restaurant, so we weren’t able to take lots of pictures of the Dim Sum ^_^”


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