Trip to Myanmar

Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northern most province, sticking right next to the borderline of Thailand and Myanmar. Of course, we’ve come all the way up here, it’ll be a shame if we did not visit our neighboring country.

To my surprise, the people on the streets in Myanmar are also splashing water just like Thais celebrating Songkran. I’ve heard that some countries also adopt our water festival, but this is the first time I’ve been hit with one outside of Thailand. xD

My mom and lil sis, standing in line at the Boundary Checkpoint.

Within the checkpoint, many people, both Thai Tourists and Burmists returning home, are lining up to cross the boundary.

The streets in Myanmar

We bought a tour guide program after we crossed the boundary. The Tour Guide offered to take us around the town via a local vehicle that I’m not sure what’s the name in English. It looks like Thai’s tri-cycle (Tuk-Tuk), but the trunk is like that of a truck. Maybe a Penta-cycle? /lame pun

Anyway, the tour guide dropped us off to various Buddhist temples. Since my family is Roman Catholics, we didn’t really get so deep inside the temple. We just took a couple of pictures and moved on.

Taken from the trunk of the Penta-cycle. That’s my sister’s hand by the way…

This is the first temple we visited. The place is pretty quiet.

These pictures are decorated on the walls of the first temple, illustrating the story of the Buddha’s life when he was born till he achieved Nirvana. Kind of reminds me of the 14 portraits depicting the last moments of Jesus’s life in a Catholics church.

This is from the second temple. We are not allowed to wear shoes inside the temple, so we had to walk on sun baked tiles. As a result, we didn’t stay around for too long since it was way too hot to stay around.

I don’t always get splashed during Songkran. But when I do, it’s at Myanmar -.-“””

This is after we’ve already got back into our boundaries. As the sign said, this gate marks the Northern Most area of Thailand.

We were standing outside of the boundary checkpoint in Mae Sai when my mom spotted this column and suggested we take a picture with it. The column basically states the distance in kilometer from this spot to Chiang Rai’s big city and to Bangkok, respectively. I made this pose because I had nothing more to lose since I’m completely soaked, LOL


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