On our check out day

On the day we checked out, we walk around the hotel one last time to take pictures. Well, only my sis and my mom walked around. I helped my dad took care of the cats and pack up.

My sister in front of the hotel sign

The bridge crossing into the hotel. This hotel is situated in a small patch of land in the middle of the Mae Kok river, hence its name ‘island’.

…I didn’t even know the hotel has this scenery…

The open park in front of the hotel

While waiting for the car…



4 thoughts on “On our check out day

  1. That expression you make on that final picture and the way you cross your leg is LIKE A BOSS!

    • Damn. That reminds me I haven’t taken the picture of the toilet >_<
      The bathroom is awesome. It has both a bath tub and a shower room. The flush is also comfortable to sit.

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