Short Update [April 18, 2013]

Hi everyone!

Mad_Cartoonist reporting in for a short announcement and rant.
Let’s start with my silly random rant first, lol.

I’ve been looking at the calendar, and I just realize that it’s only two more weeks before my work starts @_@.
I’m pretty sure I’ve never mentioned this on my blog, but my first day of work has been moved to May 2 since May 1 happens to be National Labor’s Day.
Still, it’s kind of sad to see that my break is ending soon >_<
I mean, I do want to start working and earning my own money, but the overgrown kid inside me still wants to stay home and browse the internet the whole day, lol. That being said, I kind of wonder how busy I am going to be when my work starts in May 2. I don’t mind being loaded with works, but I just hope that it does not affect my personal time with my family and blogging.
But we’ll leave that for the future to decide.

Now, for the real announcement, you might have noticed a new timer next to the usual [Next Update] countdown timer in the homepage.

In case you guys haven’t seen it yet…

That’s right.
I have a big surprise for everyone on May 31 (and it’s what I was working on when I accidentally deleted over 20 comments a few days ago ._.)
I won’t tell you what it is right now, but let’s just say it’ll be something big for my blog ^^
I hope you guys stay tuned to see it!


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