Next Freeware Game [Results]

Well, I have to say that this whole poll thing is a lot more underwhelming than I thought, lol.
I got only 12 votes for the entire poll. Not sure if it’s because most people are not aware of the poll or because it’s just not interesting.

But in any case, I’m not complaining.

Here’s the result of the poll:

That’s right, a triple tie.
Because of this, I’ll start with the one that I didn’t want to play first then go on the rest by alphabetical order. Hence, the order of the games I will play is going to be:

  1. Witch’s House
  2. Ib
  3. Paranoiac
  4. Crooked Man
  5. Palette

That’s right, [The Witch’s House] is the one I didn’t want to play because a friend of mine told me that it had a messed up ending (even more so than Mad Father). And to make matters worse, the main character is named ‘Viola’. >_>


I don’t know what the story is about yet, but I’m trying to get myself prepared for whatever I am going to see.

In any case, thank you everyone for voting. Hope you guys wait for my review of the games.


4 thoughts on “Next Freeware Game [Results]

  1. So you will be reviewing Witch’s House after you beat the game? Oh, you only have a week left before you start working.

    • Yes, will be reviewing it after I clear it.
      Actually, I’m waiting to get a PC from my work before I start playing, lol.
      The only PC I have is my mom’s working computer, and it’s not very convenient to play on it for a long time.

  2. Only 12 votes? XD Maybe it’s hard to notice that tiny poll section in the column after it got pushed back by the recent posts XD

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