Short Update [April 26, 2013]

Many people around me kept asking me when am I going to learn how to drive.

In case you guys don’t know yet, yes, I still don’t know how to drive. Many of my high school acquaintances and friends already know how to drive by the age of 18 or so (And if memory serves, that’s the legal driving age here), and they kept asking me when I am going to learn how to drive.

And well, here it is!

That’s right people. I finally got my driving license! XD
Just had the exam two days ago, but the blog was scheduled to put up Antares picture, so I had to move this post down along.

The reason I didn’t learn to drive until now was due to a couple of reasons. First being laziness, since I still enjoy riding my friends’ car w/o having to drive one.
And the other reason is because I was scared, lol. I mean seriously, I just don’t feel like learning to drive. Too scared to control the vehicle. But since I’m going to be working, it wouldn’t look very good if I still don’t know how to drive – -“


12 thoughts on “Short Update [April 26, 2013]

  1. Amazing, either the driving test in Thailand is really easy, or the driving instructor is very lenient. Most peoples tend to fail afew times before they pass, but you are 1 in the million for passing on 1st try.

    • Yeah. I didn’t know it was a big deal until my friends said so too.
      Technically, I screwed up in the last section of the practical exam (pulling the car in reverse into a small lot), but the proctor allowed me a retry since it was a rather slight mistake.
      So if you count that as a failed, then yeah, I had one failed attempt >_<

  2. You pass the first time? So when are you going to buy the car? What is your car preference model?

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