Officially an honor student

So as everyone might have already know, I’ve completed my last university semester this past March. All the exams were done and I’ve been waiting for the exam results since then.

And well, couple of days ago, the results finally came up!

Taken from AU’s Student’s [Information Pool]

That’s right. I am now officially a Bachelor Degrees Graduate Student with honors! ^^

The ‘honor’ row that says ‘Magna Cum Laude’ is Latin for “Great Praise” (Credit: Google Translate).
Admittedly, this honor is a second rank because I wasn’t able to get my grades high enough for first – ‘Summa Cum Laude’ (Latin: “Highest Praise”). For anyone who wonders about my CGPA, it’s 3.55
But still, I have no regret because I already did my best.

Four years of studies at the university is pretty tough. There are various stuffs you have to do and opportunities you have to take. Everything was made more complicated when you are aiming for honors as well.

In the end, this marks the end of my university life. I’m glad it’s finally done. >___<


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    • Google translate said it means ‘With’.
      So the whole ‘Magna Cum Laude’ kind of means ‘With a high praise’.

      And yes, one can easily get a dirty vibe from the word. XD

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