Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria Trivia

Here are the Ten Facts about Chapter Auria that could blow your mind!

This post contains spoilers to [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria]! Proceed at your own risk!

  1. Auria studies [Finance and Banking] major in her university. [Finance and Banking] is one of the majors I considered choosing back in my Sophomore Year. In the end, I went with Accounting anyway, because I have more fun with the Debits and Credits.
  2. Miki’s character was originally intended to be a lot more upbeat and less moody.
    But due to her dark pasts, I’ve decided to make her a little more hatred-driven. Besides, I also want a character that will ‘slap Auria in the face’ for being too optimistic, so I settled for a cold assassin-esque personality for Miki.
  3. [Eta Piscium] together is actually the full name of Pisces Constellation’s brightest star. But since Pisces’s sign is a pair of fish, I thought that it’d be interesting if Pisces Angel has two Zodiac Beasts to command, hence is why I separate them into two Zodiac Beasts.
  4. At first, Eta and Piscium were not designed to be mermaid and merman. Eta was originally a dolphin and Piscium was a swordfish.
  5. [Kaus], Lauress’s Zodiac Beast, is named after Sagittarius Constellation’s brightest star [Kaus Australis]. Unlike other Zodiac Beasts, which I just use the full name of the star, I thought that the star’s name was a little too long. So I decide to use only [Kaus] (pronounce like ‘Cause’).
    As for the meaning of the name itself, I believe that [Kaus] is Arabic for ‘bow’. (Source)
  6. Antares’s plush doll form was ‘partially’ designed after ‘Spidey’, my Spiderman Doll.
    The idea of Auria having a moving doll as her ‘weapon’ has always been with me since I started making this story. Hence, I want her to have a doll that I am familiar with in my real life. As a matter of fact, I chose Scorpio Zodiac for Auria because it’s a creature closest to spider in the 12 Zodiacs (lol).

    Spidey – He has been with me for as long as I could remember. Well, many of you guys probably have seen him from my family trip pictures.

  7. ‘Thunder’ is my favorite RPG magical element, which is why I gave it to Auria.
  8. Orica, as a water user, was originally meant to be a full-time healer of the team, since water is portrayed to have recovering properties in RPGs. However, since I am more bent on making her the ‘final boss’ of Auria’s story, the idea of full-time healer was scrapped.
  9. Despite going on for 20 chapters, only two days have passed throughout Auria’s story. When Auria saved Orica, Viola has not fought against the ‘final boss’ of her story yet.
  10. Thai version of [Zodiac Angels – Chapter Auria] has only 14 chapters. Over 6 chapters-worth of contents were added into the translated version.
    However, unlike Viola’s chapter, there are no exclusively new scenes added to the story. The addition of 6 chapters is purely from more thorough description of events and settings.



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  3. So when you mention you will talk more about your spiderman doll during your holiday trip, it actually is in this article?

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  5. Yeah, Aurica is already the healer. It would be redundant to have Orica as a healer too.

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