A note about ZA – Chapter Sophia

Hi everyone!

Remember how I said I have some special plan for Sophia’s chapter back in my New Years post?

Well, I just figured that I’ll be talking about it again here.

Unlike Viola and Auria’s chapters, which are almost direct translation, Sophia’s chapter is not a simple translation from the Thai version; I will be rewriting all of Sophia’s chapters. As for why I choose to ‘rewrite’ Sophia’s chapters instead of just ‘translate’, there are a couple of reasons:

  1. Since the middle of Auria’s chapter, I start to feel that ‘direct translations’ made my wordings very awkward for English and I had to proofread it a lot after the chapters are done. This is exclusive of the time needed for grammatical revising (which still seems to escape me many times ._.). The whole process was pretty long to get a single chapter translated.
  2. Many of the details in Sophia’s chapters are…well…Let’s just say despite being the character named after my all-time favorite video game girl, she has the WORST story and development. That’s kind of ironic, don’t you think?
    Back during my story development process, I was too focused on making her ‘the person who assembles all angels’. As a result, in the Thai version, her roles do not really shine until Chapter Ophiucus, and in her own chapter, she almost became the narrator that has nothing to do with the story itself.
  3. I also want to ‘reimage’ Sophia’s character. Like I said, she was extremely bland when I wrote her story in the Thai version. So I decided to add more depth to her, and make her a little more upbeat.
  4. There are some more minor reasons, but explaining them now would spoil Sophia’s chapter. I’ll explain them when we got to Sophia’s chapter trivia.

So, that’s basically it 😀

Due to the nature of this chapter being a ‘rewrite’, not a ‘translation’, there MIGHT be some inconsistent details and holes here and there. Should you find anything that I seem to miss or made inconsistent, please excuse me and notify me so I can change it ASAP.


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