Wishing upon a star

I was browsing around 9gag the other day and found this:

Source: 9gag.com

Poor Sophia, LOL >_<


6 thoughts on “Wishing upon a star

  1. I don’t get it. Why am I few million years late upon wishing a star? I am already long dead by then.

    • Actually, a star’s life cycle ends in three state:
      1) It gradually runs out of energy and turns into a pale glowing ‘white dwarf’. As it runs out of its last snuff of energy, it turns into a ‘black dwarf’, a dead floating dirt in space with no energy.
      2) This state is achieved when the star actually accumulate more and more energy until its shell can no longer contains the energy within it. When this happens, the start becomes a ‘Supernova’, shining brightly in space.
      3) This state is achieved when the star accumulated even more energy than when Supernova is created. The gravity around the star becomes stronger and it turns into a ‘Black Hole’. Black Hole’s gravity is so strong that not even light can escape it, which is why we cannot see its color, and hence call it ‘Black Hole’.

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