[ZA] – Vanessa and her Crab Roe

[ZA] – Vanessa and her Crab Roe

[Zodiac Angels] – Vanessa and her Crab Roe

A chibi picture requested by [Yatagarasu].

I’m sure this might not exactly as you requested, but please pardon me >_<
I tried sketching Van hungrily chomping, but it was pretty hard to color everything. Not to mention that for the life of me, I couldn’t draw food ._.

Once again, I’m very sorry for the long wait! >_<

I did not draw the cliparts in the background. The credit goes here and here.

This picture is requested by username [Yatagarasu].

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15 thoughts on “[ZA] – Vanessa and her Crab Roe

  1. Hmmm…seeing this picture reminds me of a question. Say…would the zodiac beast suddenly turn against its own master? Although it never happens before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  2. LOL, her zodiac beast looks more and more like a lobster. Love the cuteness in Van though.

  3. Is the crab hungry? Oh, you can find picture of the food from other sources and minimize it into the hand of their palm.

    • Not really. He’s just not comfortable seeing his master eating his brethren. xD
      Getting the clip art is not enough. You need it to be in the same angle that will fit your char’s hand.

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