One more week before the ‘Big Surprise’

Well, this thing has been counting down since the middle of April.
Pretty sure I got everything prepared and ready for the next week.
And as a result, I decide to poke some fun by letting you guys speculate.

What do you think is the big surprise I’ve been planning?

Post your speculations. ^^


11 thoughts on “One more week before the ‘Big Surprise’

    • Haha. I haven’t made it official here yet, but I’m planning to revive the CP fan fic sooner than expected.
      It won’t be a continuation of the one I canceled though.

  1. I am guessing your whole family will be moved to the city, considering that your family is living in the village.

  2. I guess you must have found your one true love or some publishing company decides to publish your zodiac angel work.

      • Congrats!! Can take your family and kitties to BBQ meal, or buy orange cake. I am guessing you are going to buy the new ps2 at end of this month. The one you mention where she finally dies 😦

        • Thanks. XD
          We just went to celebrate yesterday evening.

          And no, I’ll probably get a PS2 with next month’s paycheck. I need to know how much average expense I have per month before I can know exactly the amt I can reserve and excessively spend.

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