Lazy Afternoon

Okay, the title can be misleading, but no, I’m not suggesting that I’m slacking off from work >_>

It’s a Kingdom Hearts reference. I took this pictures before I go home.

Anyway, here’s a couple of evening scenery, taken from the 50th floor of the Empire Tower where I am working.

Great view. I don’t know when, but my alto phobia (fear of heights) has tremendously improved. In the past when I was young, I can’t even look down from the third floor of a house…

Moar great view, albeit a little dark

And that’s my tie >_>

And here’s to show how horrible the traffic is in the afternoon.

See big white thingy over the platform with green roofs? I have to walk pass there every day to get to the sky train station. The platform is hovering over a big intersection.

This is the lounge where employees are allowed to loiter around and chat during lunch and coffee breaks.

Hanging out with my friends…


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  1. The heavy traffic congestion reminds me of the SimCity game I used to play. OMG, such horrid traffic control!!

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