Introducing the new M_C’s Insane Blog!!!

Click here to go to my new blog!

That’s right, everyone, I’ll be moving my blog to my own personal domain now. You can visit my new blog here.

Now, you might be wondering what’s the big deal since the interface on my new blog is still powered by WordPress. Let me explain.

There are basically two kinds of WordPress Blog:

  • Ones that are hosted on WordPress’s free domain (usually has <blog name> as the address like my current blog) and
  • Ones that are ran on a personal paid domain.

To simply put, for the second kind, you basically export the ‘frame works’ of the WordPress blog interface and hosts it up to your own personal server. There are a couple of benefits to hosting blogs on your own domain:

  1. You get to pick your own address! As you might notice, my new blog’s address is I really want to use but my dad said it was already taken ._.
  2. This WordPress framework offers various Plug-ins that are not possible to install on free domain WordPress blogs. For example, the first thing you might notice is the Flash Player in the lower left section of the new Homepage. I have a Flash Player Plug-In so now I can add Flash .swfs into my posts and pages. I finally get a chance to hone my Flash skills again.
    But ‘this is just the beginning!’ There are also various other Plug-Ins that will help attract more traffic to my blog.
  3. Finally, personal domain WordPress blogs also allow you to make appearance changes directly through the site’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheet – they are basically a file that determines what your blog would appear on the browser). If you know some programming skills, you can basically add more scripts or personalize your own website to your heart’s content.
    I’ve already done some personalizing on the new blog. For instance, you no longer see the hideous lists of Tag Words above the posts because I removed the code that display the tag list.

So now everyone might be wondering what is going to happen to this blog.

First of all, I won’t be deleting this blog.
If you’ve already searched through my new blog, you might have noticed that there are only the fiction chapters, gallery pictures, various database entries, and game reviews there. This is because I’ve exported only those posts. All random and various update posts are left here on this blog.

So basically, here is what is going to happen from now on. From today on, all regular various entries including:

  • News
  • Gallery Pictures
  • Game Reviews
  • Polls and their Results
  • Fiction and their Database Entries
  • All other random posts

will go to my new blog.

This old blog will only be used as a form of ‘back up archive’ of my fictions. New fiction chapters will also be made here (as a back up), but I will disable the comment options. This is so I can keep all the comments in one place and not scattered about.

Many thanks to everyone who has been reading my fictions, and I hope you stick around for some more updates from me in the future.

I’ll see you again in the new Insane Blog. ^^