Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 04

Chapter 04 – S

“How many times have it been since she came here?” A man spoke up after laying my body facing down on the cot.
“Who knows? They said the monster inside her was resisting and it disappeared every time they got close to capturing it. Well, it’s obvious that any animal would resist if someone tries to capture it,” another man replied.
“I don’t know, man. Is it really okay to treat a girl like this?” the first man asked his friend.
“Who cares? I’m getting paid heavily for this. I could careless if a random girl dies,” said the other man, “That said, don’t you see how she burned three guys that day? And now there’s a monster hidden inside her. I don’t know about you, man, but I can’t sleep at night knowing that something like her exists.”

“That’s cruel, man. She’s just another girl.”
Their voices start to fade, indicating that they are moving further away.
“Just admit that you like her, dude. She’s pretty hot too, don’t you think?”
After that, the prison cell’s metallic door closed and I don’t hear their voices any more.

I have no more energy to move.
Ever since I woke up in this cell, these men have been dragging me back and forth between this cell and the torture room.

…Well, those men called it the ‘Material Room’ since it is where they forced that lion to materialize, but who cares?

When I wake up, those guys come in to take me to the torture room and force the lion to appear. Once I collapse, they drag me back to this room and give me a short rest until I wake up again. The nightmare is then rinsed and repeated.

This is hell.
I wanna get out of here.
Tears trace its way down my cheek for who knows how many times this have been.
Am I going to get tortured here until I die?
Will I ever be able to get out of this place?

I want to see Roro. I wonder how he is doing right now. He is probably questioning why I have not gotten home yet.
Is he hungry right now?
I miss him so much.

But more importantly, I want to see mom.
Where are you, mom?
I’m so scared…
I want to see you again.

“Oh ho…Seems like your mother never told you, did she?”

What did he mean by that?
Did mom know about this? Did mom know that I am a Zodiac Angel?
If so…then why…?
Why didn’t she tell me? Why didn’t she tell me that I am a Zodiac Angel?
I thought she knows so well that in this life, I wanted nothing more than to be a Zodiac Angel.

Suddenly, a loud alarm rings throughout the entire building, snapping me back to the real world. The lights on the ceiling flashes from white to red repeatedly. I gather all the meager strength remaining in my body and force myself to sit up on the cot.

What’s … happening?

“Are you sure!?”
The cell door busts opened and two men walk inside. One of them is Frederick, and the other one is a scientist I’ve never seen before. Well, at least, I guess that he is a scientist from how he wears a white gown. Anyway, that man appears to be a couple of years younger than Frederick.
“Of course I’m sure! Don’t you see the picture from the security camera? She looks just like this girl!” Frederick grumbled.

Look like me?
Could that be…Could that be mom!?
How did she know that I’m here!?

“We’re moving! Come with me!” Frederick grabbed my arm with his left hand and pulled me up from the bed.\
This is it.
This is my chance to get out of this hellhole!
If mom is really in this facility, then I cannot leave this place. I must buy her some time to get up here. With all my strength, I pull my arms away from the mad man. However, his grip is too tight, and all of my strength has been completely drained from all the torture they did to me before.
“Don’t be causing trouble now! I said we’re leaving!”
My left cheek becomes numb and my whole body drops to the floor.

I was slapped again.
What is with these people being so indelicate with girls?!
If they are not yet married, then I’m totally not surprised.

After that, he grabs my arm again and drags me out of the room.
“Le…Let…me go!!” I cried.
However, my voice is pathetically weak from all the torture screams I made.
Frederick just won’t listen to my plea. He keeps dragging me along the hall, and the other scientist does not show any form of sympathy to me as well. They lead me down the hall until we got to a T-intersection hallway, where three loud yells suddenly echo from our left.


Turning towards the source, my eyes widen when I saw a lady with silver hair in an armor standing in the middle of the hallway to my left. Three men are lying down on the floor next to her greaves, floating in a puddle of blood. On her right hand is long sword with blood still dipping down from it.

That’s…not mom…
Who is she…?

“Oh shit, she’s here!” Frederick cries and runs to the other way, dragging me with him.
“W…Wait! Who is she!? That woman has an accomplice!?” the younger man cries and follows Frederick closely.


“That’s her Zodiac Beast, dumbass!” Frederick replied.

Zo…daic Beast…?
That lady is a Zodiac Beast!?

“Huh!? Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”
A loud cry was heard from behind us.
Frederick stops running and turns around after a startled jump. “Louis!!!!!”
My mouth drops opened in disbelief. The lady in armor is already standing behind that young scientist with her sword pierced through his stomach.

She was standing several meters away from us earlier. With that armor on, how was she able to catch up with us this fast!?

The lady brandishes her sword to the side, cutting that young scientist’s body in half. His blood splatters on the walls of the hall as the body fell down to the ground, quickly forming another puddle of blood.
“D…Dammit!” Frederick yelled and kept running forward.
After seeing that lady slicing that man’s body in half, I’m not even sure if she is on my side any more. And even if she really is on my side, I’m not so sure I trust her as well. Because of that, I found myself cooperating with Frederick as I move my feet along with him.

“Oh shit!”
Frederick suddenly hits a brake when we got to the elevator lobby. My eyes widen up and tears flow down my cheeks as I see a woman in white gown standing in the middle of the lobby. Her glittering emerald eyes angrily glares straight towards the scientist, who gulps loudly upon having an eye contact with her. In that woman’s right hand is a sword with sparkling emerald blade, glittering just like her eyes.
“…Dammit, Myria. It’s really you!” Frederick grits his teeth. I can almost see a drop of sweat tracing its way down his cheek.
“It’s been a while, Frederick. Sorry to wake you up in the early morning,” mom said calmly.
“Yeah, it’s been too long. Funny how your daughter happens to be the reincarnation of Fonica, huh? Ironic, isn’t? Never thought that our effort in observing you for 20 years would pay off,” Frederick chuckled.

Observing? 20 years?
You mean these creepy psychos have been looking over us for that long!?

“…Oh. So she’s the Angel of Leo, huh? Thanks for telling me,” mom chuckles as well, “But let’s get down to business. I’m going to give you a simple instruction that even an idiot like you can easily comprehend: Let go of my daughter.”
Mom spoke those words with a calm and collected voice, whilst pointing her sword at the scientist’s face. However, the pressure behind her words could easily bring the bravest man cowering down to his knees. I’ve never seen her this serious before. Even when she reprimanded me for doing something wrong, she has never made a face as scary as this. Now even I am afraid of her…
Unfortunately, the mad scientist is too arrogant to succumb to his shaking knees.
“Ohhhhh. What if I don’t!?”
Out of desperation, Frederick puts me in front of him and locks his arms around my neck.
“…You know you won’t do that,” mom sighed, “You are way too arrogant to kill your personal ‘subject’. That’s why Fo was able to escape 20 years ago.”
“Shut up! I’m a biologist and I know that breaking the neck of any creatures can kill them. Zodiac Angel hosts like you are no exception! Stay back or say goodbye to your lovely daughter!” Frederick yelled. Even though he was trying to threaten mom with his supposedly victorious smirk, I could almost clearly tell from his trembling voice that he was freaked out of his mind. His sweats drop down onto my cheeks and both of his hands are drenched.
Mom sighed, “And here I thought I already gave a simple enough instruction. What’s so hard to understand about that?”
“Shut up, bitch!!! Don’t you see who have the upper hand right now!? Shut your stupid mouth and drop your weapon, or I swear your daughter will get it!” Frederick yelled again.
“Isn’t it time you already make your appearance? Regulus?” mom said, looking at the time from her wristwatch.

Mom knows about that lion too?

“Sophia. This might sound a little weird, but can you yell ‘Regulus!’ to the top of your voice?” mom asked me.
“Wha! Don’t do it bitch! Or I’ll kill you!!!! You hear me!?” Frederick quickly covers up my mouth.
“Oh geez. You really are an idiot,” mom sighed again, “Do it Sophia. It’s okay if you can’t speak clearly. Just yell ‘Regulus’!”
“Stop it!!! STO—-!!!!”
Obeying mom, I yelled as loud as I could. His hands are covering my mouth, so only a part of my voice was able to escape.
But even so, a familiar bright light still emerges from the middle of my chest along with the burning pain. A strange force then suddenly yanks the mad scientist away from my back, freeing me from his captive.

“Waaahhh Waaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!”
I quickly turn around to see what just happened. Even though I kind of half expect what I will see, I am still startled to see that golden lion standing behind me. Biting the gown of that scientist, the lion hurls him to the other side of the hall, where the lady in armor is standing. The mad scientist tries to get up and run away crying for help, but the lady in the armor grabs onto the collar of his gown and hurls him back towards the lion. The king of the jungle immediately pounces onto the scientist body while he is still in mid-air. Before I could see anything else, a gentle hand covers my eyes and turns my face away to avoid witnessing the horror.

“Aaahhh aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Gaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!”
The cries of the mad scientist, as well as the sound of bones snapping, echo across the dark empty halls.
“H…Helppppp!!!!! Gaaahhh!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!”
Both of my hands quickly cover up my ears to avoid listening to his death cries. My body trembles as my mind tries its best to not imagine what is happening behind the gentle hands that are covering my eyes.

“It’s over, honey. You’re safe now.”
A calm reassuring voice spoke to me once the cries of that scientist stop. The owner of the voice embraces me tightly in her arms.
“Mom…Mom~~!!!! MOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!”
“Oh come now. Don’t cry now. Mommy is here.”
Mom hugs me even tighter. Even though her voice is collected and soothing, I can almost hear her whimpering as well. She was probably worried about me.
“I was so scared!!!! I was so scared!!!!! Bwaaaahhhhh Haaaa Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!”
It was kind of embarrassing to be crying out so loud like this, but I don’t give a damn about it any more.

I mean, who cares?
I’m in my mother’s arms now. And that’s all that matters.


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  2. Great. Now that Sophia discovers her own heritage. At this point, it’s where she starts finding others zodiac angel.

    • Yup. Although, the next few chapters will be her mom explaning stuffs to her. Hopefully, the next chapter will fill up any questions the readers potentially has since Viola’s chapter (i.e. how the angels choose their hosts, etc)

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