Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 10

Chapter 10 – S

“Okay then. Let’s do this!”
The purple haired girl bravely charges forward at the towering monster with her lance in her hand.
“W…Woah, hey wait!”
I tried to stop her, but it was too late.
That was reckless of her…
“Man, she’s a little too psyched,” I mumbled and turn to the caramel haired girl, who is standing just behind me, “We shouldn’t get too close to the monster. You stay back here, okay? I’ll go get her back.”
“Uh…Okay,” she nodded obediently.
I turn back to the purple haired girl and immediately run after her.
The Tanker’s head opens its mouth and shoots a blob of acid slime out of its mouth. After the shot, the head recoils back into the shell, similar to the big cannon from pirate’s ships. The purple haired girl hops to the side, gracefully dodging the shot before continuing her charge. Just like what mom warned me, the blob lands on the floor and immediately melts the tiles on it.
I hop over the blob and continue my way towards the purple haired girl. However, as she got closer to the monster, the Flyer flutters its wings and releases countless feather-like objects down from above. The purple haired girl seems to notice something wrong with the feathers so she stops running and take a step back, safely avoiding the flock of razor sharp feathers that stuck half way into the tiles on the ground.

“Damn, that’s dangerous,” the purple haired girl muttered upon seeing those feathers.
“Don’t take these things too lightly!” I spoke to her as soon as I caught on to her, “One of them alone might be weak, but when packed together they cover each other’s weaknesses. The Tankers are slow, so the agile Flyers cover that up with its fast attacks. On the other hand, the Tankers covered Flyers’ lack of solid attacks.”
“Wait wait. I’ve been meaning to ask this since earlier. You named those things?” she interrupted me in the middle of my lecture.
“Uh…well, it’s a long story and I don’t think this is exactly the time to be sitting down discussing this.”
Even though I said that, I don’t think this is the time for me to be explaining how these monsters work as well.
“Girls! Look out!” the caramel haired girl’s voice shouted from behind, slightly giving both of us a jump. Turning back to the monster, I found that the turtle is about to fire another blob of acidic slime. Out of instinct, I immediately point my staff towards the monster’s head and shoot out a bolt of flame at the slime, completely vaporizing it.
After that, the purple haired girl and me quickly retreat and rejoin the caramel haired girl who is standing far away from the monster.
“Damn. This is going to be tougher than I thought,” the purple haired girl muttered frustratingly.
“It’s too risky to attack head on. We’ll have to fight it from afar,” I suggested.
“Easy for you to say. I don’t have any long-ranged attacks like your fire bolts,” the purple haired girl said.
Well, that would explain why she recklessly runs in at the monster like earlier.
But still, this is not the time to dispute one another. These monsters don’t only act on instinct, but they work together in a well-organized manner. If we take them lightly, then we will probably end up getting hurt easily.
Just as I was thinking about an approach, the caramel haired girl spoke up all of the sudden.
“This monster might be harder to approach, but they should not be any tougher than the ones in the city. I think I can snuff them out with my thunder spells. But if it keeps on moving closer like this, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the incantation in time.”

So she can cast a spell from far away?

“Hm … So all you need is some time to chant those spells?” I asked.
“Uh…Yeah. A minute of quality silence for me to fully concentrate should do the trick,” the caramel haired girl replied.

That moment, a brilliant idea lights up in my mind.
The purple haired girl is speedy and she can fights at close range. On the other hand, the caramel haired girl here can cast a spell from behind. If somehow, we can keep this girl safe from the monster while she chants her spell, then we just might have a chance at bringing this thing down. And to do that, they need someone who can be the eyes and ears that connect the two of them together.

“I see. How about this, girls? I have a plan,” I spoke up, drawing their attention, then turn to the caramel haired girl, “You focus on casting the spell. I’ll buy you some time to chant and cover you from its attacks. Whatever you do, don’t stop chanting.”
“Uh…Okay. I’m counting on you.” The girl simply nods and takes a step back. After a deep breath, she closes her eyes and starts her chant.
“I have a favor to ask.” I turn to the purple haired girl who is curiously looking at the caramel haired girl. “Can you distract that monster with your speed?”
“Distract? Like luring its attention away from both of you?” she asked.
“Yeah. With your speed, you should not have any trouble escaping its attacks,” I explained.
Instead of getting praise for coming up with a plan, the purple haired girl instead raises her right eyebrow. Obviously, she does not seem to like the idea. After all, I’m asking her to run into a danger zone.
“Look, I’m not exactly happy to ask you to do this,” I spoke up before she gets upset, “I saw your agility a while ago because I was following you closely from behind. I don’t have the reflex that you do, and neither does the other girl here. Since we cannot just fight against this thing head on, we should exploit what each of us can do best. My powers aren’t very strong at close-range, but I can fight really well in mid-range using my fire spells.”
Although I’ve been shooting fireballs for granted, those balls don’t travel as far as it seems. The best it could go is about 10 meters forward. Any length further than that, the ball won’t hit accurately or won’t do any significant damage.

In any case, I really hope she understands and cooperates. But if she doesn’t, I’ll be willing to listen to her ideas.
“I know it sounds a little crazy, but please believe in me. I’ll cover you from behind. That thing won’t get a hit on you.” I told her as my left hand reaches for the pendant hanging around my neck.

That’s right.

I am the only one who can collaborate this operation since only I can initiate the Zodiac Link. If my eyes become hers, then given her reflex, she would never be able to get hit by the monster at all.
“Fine then. Guess I don’t have much choice now, do I?” She shrugs.
That’s a relief…
“Don’t worry. Just keep moving forward, and I’ll cover you with my fire bolts from behind,” I said, “Are you ready?”
“Well…Here goes nothing!”
The purple haired girl once again charges forward at the monster.
“Oh…she’s charging at the monster again?” the caramel haired girl’s voice spoke up from behind me.
“Huh? Oh…Uh…Yeah. I asked her to lure the attacks while I cover her,” I said, “Say…you’re supposed to be chanting, aren’t you?”
“Oh! I’m…sorry.” The girl apologetically bows to me and closes her eyes again.

Okay. With everything set in place, it’s time for me to organize everything. I am rather tense and nervous right now because this will be the first time I use the Zodiac Link in a serious fight.
Hopefully, everything will go well.
My left hand holds the pendant hanging on my neck tightly and my mind begins concentrating. After a few seconds, a pulse spreads from my heart and a weird sensation quickly engulfs my body, signaling the successful connection of Zodiac Link.
“Okay…Can you hear me?” I spoke to the caramel haired girl.


The caramel haired girl’s voice replies back to me. At the same time, she opens her eyes out of curiosity from hearing my voice. Just like mom told me, Zodiac Link allows me to see through other angels’ eyes. Now I can see my back through that girl’s eyes.
“Okay. It’s working. Please continue. I’m not going to disturb you any more,” I told her.
The reason I spoke to the caramel haired girl first is because I don’t want to distract the purple haired girl. Should she hear my voice, she would definitely be distracted, and that might cause her to get hurt.
And with that, the caramel haired girl simply closes her eyes and go back to continue chanting. At the same time, I shift my focus to the purple haired girl and watch her movement closely. She is extremely fast and agile. Her footwork is impressive and the monster, despite having over four arm-like organs, is not able to catch her at all.
However, after dodging one of the blades, the girl accidentally sets herself in an unfavorable position, blinding her from an incoming attack behind her.
“Behind you!” I signaled her through my thoughts.
That moment, the purple haired girl immediately jumps up for a backward aerial somersault, completely evading the horizontal slash from behind her without even seeing it. The monster raises the third blade, aiming to strike the girl again. Since she is still in mid-air, she would have trouble handling that slash.
“Focus on the fourth one! I’ll handle the third blade!” I signaled her again and immediately shoot a fireball straight at the monster’s razor arm, halting the slash on spot. Ignoring the flames burning on its arm, the monster still tries to slash the purple haired girl with its last blade. But since I’ve already warned her about it, she quickly puts her lance up in an opposite direction, parrying the slash perfectly.
With all the slashes avoided, the purple haired girl begins her counter attack by thrusting lance at the turtle’s face, releasing a powerful energy blast from the tip. The blast did not blow the monster’s head to pieces, it seems to do a quite number on the monster. The towering abomination staggers back a couple of step as well as cry out in pain. Feeling frustrated, the Flyer on the monster’s back flutters its wings and throws flocks of razor sharp feathers down at me once again.
“Don’t panic! I’ll take care of them!”
After signaling her, I immediately shoot more fireballs at the flock of razor feathers, burning them down to completely harmless dust. At the same time, the purple haired girl exploits this moment to thrust her lance at the monster’s left front pillar-like leg, forcing it to kneel down to the ground.

“Get away from there! The spell is ready!”

Suddenly, I heard the caramel haired girl’s voice speaking back to me in my ears. Since this is not a one-way communication, the purple haired girl must have heard her voice too, as evidenced by how she is now retreating from the monster after striking another front leg down.
“Cast it now!!!!!”
I signaled back to caramel haired girl.
While waiting for the purple haired girl to get back to safety, the monster raises one of its razor arms to strike her again. I quickly shoot another fireball at the blade, halting the blade and giving the purple haired girl just enough time to get away from the slash.

As soon as the caramel haired girl saw the purple haired girl safe, she announces the name of her spell out to the top of her voice. Right after that, a loud thunderclap echoes the area, following the huge bolt of lightning strikes that monster from above. The bolt forms a huge column of light that extends all the way through the clouds. After it fades, that towering abomination completely vanishes in just a blink of an eye, leaving only the burnt mark from the thunderbolt on the ground where the monster used to stand.

“Phew! All done!”
I take a deep breath of relief. That fight was a thing. Although the three of us made it out alive, the whole battle was extremely unnerving. I was glad I didn’t get in their ways and screwed them up like how mom warned me about this power.
The two girls seem to feel relief as well. They turn around and slowly walk towards me.
“Hey, we were a pretty cool team, don’t you think?” I asked them.
“Well, it was all thanks to your voice telling me the enemies’ attacks,” the purple haired girl said bluntly while folding her spear into three parts and strapping it onto her back, “And so, I think I deserve to know the explanation behind that.”
“Yeah. What was all that about?” the caramel haired girl asked curiously as well, “How come I can hear both of your voices when you girls are standing so far away from me?”
“Ah well. I guess I have to explain about that huh?”
I owe them a number of stuffs.
Zodiac Link.
The name of those monsters.
And most importantly, about Ophiucus’ return.

But before I could say anything, the sound of siren echoes from the roads outside of the square. The cops probably saw the thunderbolt earlier and are heading this way.
“That doesn’t sound good. We shouldn’t stay here any longer,” the purple haired girl suggested.
“Well then, follow me! I know a safe spot where we can talk about this,” the caramel haired girl suggested and ran out of the square. The purple haired girl and I looked at each other puzzlingly and shrugged, before following that girl into the narrow alley because we don’t have other choice.



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