Zodiac Angels – Chapter Sophia 12

Chapter 12 – S

I move down the alley until I finally hit the main road, which is now covered in rubbles.
The monsters’ assault caused a lot of damage to the city. Many streetlight posts are taken down to the ground along with the electricity pole. Cars crash against one another, clogging up the road.
Surprising enough, not a single person can be seen running around the city at all.
Perhaps all of them have already evacuated while I was fighting those monsters with Auria and Viola. If that is the case, then this city’s residents probably had a pretty well trained evacuation program for this kind of situation.

Anyway, I probably should hurry down to the south gate to meet up with mom.
I’ve been following the pendant around so I lost track of the direction I have to go. Going back to where I started probably is a bad idea since it takes way too long. To solve that problem, I look at the time from my cell phone then look for the sun. Right now, it is a few hours passed noon and the sun is about to set to my left. This means that south has to be the direction behind me.

…Hah, never expect that I would actually get to use the knowledge I learned in the girl scouts camp.

As I turn around heading that direction, I suddenly feel a pulse coming from my pendant again. It is emanating a faint glow, exactly like when it tries to lead me to Viola and Auria.
Could this mean that there is another angel around here?
Or is it trying to point me back to Viola or Auria again?

…No, it can’t be both of them. The pendant is pointing towards the south, whereas Viola and Auria went to completely different directions.
Maybe it is trying to lead me back to mom?
Whatever the case, it’s pointing towards the south anyway, so I might as well follow it.

I quickly run down the streets on the footpath. From a distance, I could hear the sound of siren ringing on the other side of the road. Those must be the cops or the military forces that were dispatched to take care of the situation.
That moment, I just realized that the ominous looking hole in the sky is now gone.
Not that I’m not happy to see it gone, but when did it disappear and how?
Was it because we defeated that huge monster?
Whatever the reason, this probably gives the military forces and the cops an edge above the monsters since they can no longer call reinforcements.

As I make a right at the corner of the block, I reach a small public children playground where the pendant stops glowing. There are various toys, such as the seesaw and the swing, settled around the corners of the ground. However, my attention quickly shifts to the dark twin pony-tailed girl surrounded by hordes of Strikers in the middle of the playground.
“Oh crap. I have to help her!” I uttered and hopped over the wooden fence. However, as I got closer to her, my eyes then noticed that both of her hands are tightly gripping a weird pair of daggers. The blades are glittering blue, and there are chilly fog emanating from them, as if the blades are made from dry ice. Strictly speaking, its appearance almost screams that the weapon is not just an ordinary knife that you can buy from supermarkets.
After looking at the girl for a while, one of the Strikers raises its scythe arm at the girl and aims to strike her down. However, in a blink of an eye, the girl rushes to the side, effectively dodging the slash and blindsiding the monster. After that, in a single swing, she cuts the monster’s arm off its body with one of her daggers and slices the main body with the other. As the monster screeches in pain, she swings her first dagger down and, suddenly, an ice spear magically appears out of thin air and pierced the monster’s body like a hot pin through butter.

My legs stopped running and my eyes are widened in shock.
No way.
How did she do that?
She can’t be just an ordinary girl.

That weapon.
That reflex.
That skill.
And judging from how the pendant is pointing this way, she must definitely be a Zodiac Angel!

Suddenly, while I was looking at her fighting, another Striker approaches the girl from behind for an ambush.
“Look out!” I cried out to her.
That moment, the ‘flow’ took control over my body and swing my right arm forward, hurling my staff at that monster.
The staff spins like a boomerang as it strikes the monster and bursts it to dust before conveniently flying back to my hand. Startled, the twin pony tailed girl quickly shifts her attention towards me as I quickly get behind her and cover her back.
“…Who are you?” she asked.
“Does it really matter now? Let’s take care of these monsters first!” I suggested.
“…Hmph. Just don’t get in my way,” she said and turns back to the front.


“Hey! I just saved your ass! Isn’t there anything else you wanna say!?” I yelled.
“Does it really matter? I thought you said we should take care of these monsters first?” she chuckled.

What’s her problem?

“Ugh. Fine. Whatever!”
I point my staff at one of the Strikers and shoot a fireball at it, effectively burning it down. As I turn to another striker to my right, the staff suddenly flies at the monster while still in my grip, dragging me towards it as well. At the same time, a curtain of flames emerges from thin air, hovering around my body as I tackled against that monster, staggering it back a step. Before it could counter with a slash, my knees quickly duck down to the floor and my arms swing the staff at the monster, smacking it to the side. As it falls down to the ground, I shoot one more fireball at the monster for good measure and head for the next one nearby.
It took a while, but I was finally able to take down all of the Strikers on my side.
When I make sure that I am completely safe, I turn around to see how the rude twin pony tailed girl is doing. She is fighting against three Strikers that are ganging up on her at once. These things aren’t durable, but they can be dangerous when packed up in numbers. Still, that girl does not seem to fret its number at all. She simply uses her extremely agile reflex to dodge the Strikers’ slashes and counters accordingly.

In the end, she manages to take all of them down without getting attacked.
Gotta admit she has more than barks.

“Hey, you’re pretty good.”
I try to speak to her nicely even though she dissed me earlier.
However, she simply turns to me with eyes full of doubt without speaking a word.
“W…Woah. Why the cold stare?”
First, a jerky attitude, and now an intimidating glare. She really doesn’t seem to be the sociable type.
“…Who are you? And why did you help me?”
And still not a word of gratitude…
“I’m Sophia. And I am a Zodiac Angel, just like you.”
The word ‘Zodiac Angel’ seems to pique her interest as I could see a glimpse of surprise from her eyes.
“So…what’s your name?” I asked since she wouldn’t say a thing.
“The name’s Miki.” She finally introduces herself.

Her name is ‘Miki’?
I swear I just heard that name a while ago…

“Since you know that you are a ‘Zodiac Angel’, may I assume that you are familiar with Nebula Corp’s shenanigans?”
Her question caught me off guard.
“Oh. Uh huh. Yeah. More or less. So you’ve had pursuit forces coming after you before?” I asked.
“Hmph. You wouldn’t want to know.” She chuckled.

Seriously, what’s with that attitude?

“In that case, I guess we can cut to the chase. I’m trying to assemble all the Zodiac Angels, so we could make a stand against the Nebula Corp,” I said. Judging from the way she asked me about the Nebula Corp, I decide to omit my plans on fighting against the Ophiucus’s Army for now. She might not be interested in hearing that.
“Well, why don’t you come with me instead?”
“I came to this city with another angel, but we were separated. I’m trying to meet up with her to go save her sister, which is also a Zodiac Angel as well. With more numbers of angels on my side, maybe you should consider your position in this negotiation…”

Wait…Save her sister…?
Hey…That sounds kind of familiar!

“Wait a sec! Does this angel happen to be Auria?” I cried.
“…You know that cry baby!?” she asked me in surprised.
“Cry baby…? No way. Auria is strong willed. I don’t think she is the type to cry?” I mumbled, “Anyway, I just split up with her a moment ago. She said that she needs to meet up with another angel…”
Oh yeah. Now that I think about it, I think Auria said that the angel who came with her to this city is named ‘Miki’. If that’s the case, then perhaps she is also the one who confiscated Auria’s phone.
“So where is she now?!” Miki asked me with a serious face.
“I think she went towards the sky train station to the west of the Central Square,” I said, pointing towards the direction.
“Dammit! Didn’t you say you’re assembling the angels!? Then why did you split up with her?!” Miki yelled and pushed me on my right shoulder.

…Okay. That’s it!

“Hey, what’s your problem!? It’s not like I split up with her because I wanted to! I was separated from my mom, which is also an angel by the way, and Auria told me that she had to meet up with another angel – you!”
“…What the hell? Why didn’t she just stick with you!?” Miki yelled again.
“Oh? Well, let’s see. Going with a stranger she just met a few minutes ago or go look for her friend who was separated from her in a city filled with monsters? Wow, that’s a really tough choice!” I yelled back.
“…Friend…?” she muttered.
Somehow, my words seem to hit something inside her. Auria also seems to hesitate when referring to this girl as her friend as well.

Do they really know each other?

“…Hell yeah? Or are you telling me that you’re not her friend?” I asked her when she kept quiet for too long, “You should go after her. She seems to be really worried about you.”
“Dang it!” Miki pushes me aside and runs toward the direction I came from earlier, heading straight for the Central Square.
“Hey, wait!” I called her.
“What is it now!?” She turns around to me with a frustrated look.
“I told Auria to meet up with me at the Orion Observatory when she is done! I hope I’ll see you there too!! Oh oh! And give Auria’s phone back to her too! I can’t call her if you switch her phone off!”
The twin pony tailed girl rolls her eyes and continues her way towards the Central Square.

I watch her left off from the spot, quietly praying for her safety. Although she doesn’t seem very friendly, she is still a fellow Zodiac Angel.
I really hope she meets up with Auria and saves her sister successfully.


Now we know why Miki wasn’t surprise to hear that Auria met up with another Zodiac Angel.



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